Eurocon Update and Question

The Eurocon program has mutated a little, as a result of which my Saturday has become a bit busier. Here’s the new schedule.

  • 11:00 “E-books – the current development and the future”, which I am on
  • 12:00 A session about next year’s Eurocon in Zagreb
  • 14:00 A panel on Feminist SF, which I’m not on but which should be interesting
  • 17:00 ESFS Awards Ceremony, including me announcing the winners of the translation awards
  • 18:00 Charlie Stross interviews Hannu Rajaniemi
  • 19:00 Group discussion: Books From My Country Which Should be Translated, on which I want to report
  • 20:00 “The Hugos Today and 40 Years Ago, A Comparison”, which I am on

And after that there will be the UK in 2014 party. And I’ll need to update the translation awards website, and send out a press release.

Finally, if anyone from Stockholm is reading this, I’d appreciate some transport advice. It looks pretty easy to get into Stockholm from the airport, but the Arlanda Express goes direct to Stockholm Central and I need to get to Östra. I can think of three possible options:

  • There may be commuter trains from Arlanda that stop at Östra
  • Or local trains from Central to Östra
  • Or I could get the Metro red line from Central to Tekniska högskolan

Any recommendations? Bearing in mind that I will have a fairly heavy suitcase.

8 thoughts on “Eurocon Update and Question

  1. Östra station is a terminus for a commuter line going eastwards out of Stockholm, so there are no connexions between Central and Östra. Neither buses nor trains from Arlanda stop close by Tekniska högskolan. A cab from Stockholm Central (about 15 pounds) or the metro are the options, as far as I know, or a bus but that’s less convenient than the metro. (I don’t live in Stockholm, though.)

    There are lifts down to the metro tracks for travellers with heavy luggage.

    A cab from Arlanda is also an option, but that’s 50 pounds. 🙁

  2. I would recommend the metro. It goes often – every 5-10 minutes or so during the day – and Tekniska Högskolan is just a handful of stations from the train station. You can also take a train or bus from the airport to the train station, so that’s the best option. And if you’re only staying for a few days you can buy a travelling pass (ack, not sure of the word, like a bus pass, but works on subway, buses, etc, though not the train from Arlanda to the train station), which costs a few pounds and allow you unlimited travel for… three days I think it is.

    Also, you want to take the red line towards Mörby centrum. Heavy luggage is usually not a problem. If it’s rush hour people may give you a few annoyed looks, but really, I do that every time I’m in Stockholm, so it’s definitely doable.

    And I’m told that I HAVE to try to say hi to you and give greetings from the Galactic Suburbanities. We shall see if I manage to track you down.

    Have a great trip! I know I will.

      1. Believe it or not, but I actually returned here to say that “track down” sounded creepy and that I really wasn’t a stalker, and instead I get called famous? A lovely ending to what feels like a million years of travelling but really is just three hours…

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