Saturn Returns

On the cover of this book Jack Dann describes Sean Williams as a “master storyteller”. One way you can tell that’s true is that when you get to the end of a chapter you immediately want to make a start on the next. If I hadn’t had work to do, I’d have read this one in a day. And I want the sequel now.

As with much of the best science fiction, Saturn Returns tells a rollicking good story and asks interesting questions about the future of humanity. Along the way it manages to create an interesting mash-up from influences as diverse as Charles Maturin and Gary Numan. It also reminds me that the Philip K Dick Award generally turns up a really great selection of books. All of the four books on the short list I have read have been really good, and the others all come warmly recommended by various people.

There’s also some gender stuff in the book, but it barely rated a “meh”. That, of course, is much better than diving in and being offensive. Maybe there’ll be more in subsequent books. Sean dear – talk to me.

2 thoughts on “Saturn Returns

  1. I enjoyed Saturn Returns a lot. I recommend Cenotaxis (book 1.5, one might say; a novella between books 1 & 2); it’s a bit different and at first I wasn’t sure, but overall it was good. I just finished Earth Ascendant–also good (more future of humanity stuff but not much gender, IMHO). I’m looking forward to book 3, especially after skimming his OUT interview!

    It seems you’re always reading something interesting, Cheryl; your sidebar says you’re on to Tigana (I own but haven’t read it).

  2. My sidebar generally tells the truth. I am indeed reading Tigana. I have a huge pile of new books I want to read, but they are all back in California, and the fact that there are some of Guy’s books I haven’t yet read has been annoying me for some time. I’m taking the opportunity to catch up.

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