Clarkesworld: Home of Great Art

One of the things I love about working for Clarkesworld is the quality of covers that Neil manages to find, often from artists in far-flung corners of the world. You may remember that a Clarkesworld cover won the Chesley Award for Best Magazine in 2009. Last year we had a nominee again. Sadly it didn’t win, but we were beaten by an Asimov’s cover by John Picacio, so I have no complaints there.

This year’s Chesley nominees have just been announced. There are six of them, and three, yes three, are from Clarkesworld. Here they are:

“Honeycomb” by Julie Dillon (Issue 48)

Honeycomb - Julie Dillon

“Warm” by Sergio Rebolledo (Issue 40)

Warm - Sergio Rebolledo

“Soulhunter” by Andrey Lazarev (Issue 50)

Soulhunter - Andrey Lazarev

Click through on the pictures for bigger versions.

I am so proud. Best of luck to all three.

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