Eastercon: Schedule and Hugos

The Eastercon programme schedule is now online here. As far as I know, I am doing the following:

  • Getting your digital fix, Friday 10:30pm
  • Women Invisible, Saturday 1:30pm
  • Britain’s new nuclear programme, Sunday 4:30pm

I believe that Kevin will be on the Why Being A Fat Fan Is Bad For You panel (Friday 9:00pm).

The scheduling is, um, interesting. In particular the Women Invisible panel has been scheduled against David Weber’s GoH talk. From one point of view it rather clever: the sort of people who love military SF won’t be interested in feminism, and vice versa. On the other hand, it acts to perpetuate exactly the sort of problem that the panel is all about.

Elsewhere my Sunday panel has been scheduled against the Translation panel. I’m very much hoping we get no audience for mine so I don’t have to do it.

But the things you folks will be interested in are 7:30pm Saturday, which is the BSFA Awards ceremony, and 10:30 on Sunday, which is billed as Admiralty Ball & Announcement of the 2010 Hugo Award Nominations. Internet connections willing, Kevin and I will try to cover both of those live.

Of course the Hugo announcement has been scheduled against the LGBT Meetup, because no prominent UK LGBT fans have any interest in the Hugos, do they? *headsmack*

Update: It has been pointed out to me that Peter Hamilton’s GoH talk is scheduled against Women in SF.

Also Roz’s poetry reading has been scheduled against the BSFA Awards.

9 thoughts on “Eastercon: Schedule and Hugos

  1. It is, I think, about the health issues, such as my type II diabetes, which my doctor says would pretty much vanish if I lost all of the excess weight I’m carrying around.

  2. Thank you for the Heads Up.

    I have just written to Illustrious withdrawing from the Women Invisible panel if it remains at that time, pointing out exactly the issues you raised.

    This con has had a serious problem on this issue from the start and I’m unimpressed.

  3. It’s tricky, what do you schedule against the GoH speech? As a female David Weber fan, what wouldn’t I mind missing?

    *looks at schedule*

    Basically, just the one on Audio Books.

    (I’m going to get attacked by fans who make their own Honor Harrington audio books, amn’t I?)

  4. There are enough huge holes in that programme that clashes like that should be avoided. Unfortunately comments about it have been met with ‘stop bitching and do it yourself’ from one of the con team.

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