I have been to Ireland. I have had a wonderful time. I have also probably doubled my alcohol consumption for the year in a single weekend, and had to get up way too early this morning to catch a plane home. Consequently I am somewhat the worse for wear, but I shall try to comment briefly on events in Dublin.

First of all many thanks to everyone who came to the panels I was featured on, and to my fellow panellists. I very much enjoyed doing the panels. Thanks also to the people who agreed to be interviewed for Salon Futura. We have some good material coming up in the next two issues.

Ian McDonald was the Guest of Honour, and I believe that Pádraig Ó Méalóid will be transcribing or podcasting the GoH Interview panel.

Many thanks are due to Peter McLean who has done a wonderful job with the convention for several years and is now entering a well-deserved retirement.

Pádraig will be taking over the convention next year, and has acquired a fabulously fiendish moustache to go with his new role. The Guests of Honour will be Robert Rankin and the fabulous comic creator, Bryan Talbot. Pádraig is moving the convention from the Central Hotel to the Irish Writers Centre. I shall miss the Library Bar, but I quite understand Pádraig’s desire to obtain additional program space at reduced cost. I am sure that we will find somewhere to drink next year.

There is no web site for next year’s convention as yet, but it does have a Twitter feed.

4 thoughts on “P-Con

    1. Am I, Master? I can’t remember the weekend very clearly. It is almost as if part of my brain has gone missing. I guess I must have had too much to drink.

  1. Cheryl, thank you for agreeing to come to P-Con this year, and the previous years. I really appreciate your attendance and participation ont the panels.

    I also solved the mystery of why you were sent down to the Dealers’ Room to see Éadaoin. Hmmm! How one’s offspring can hide things from their father. 🙂

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