Another Amazon Sale

I’m delighted to report that Amazon UK is once again putting The Green Man’s Heir on sale. This time it is for the whole of April. So if you don’t have a copy yet, do please pick one up. It is a bargain. And tell all of your friends.

The image above is a reminder of what happened when we were on the Daily Deal. I don’t expect the same level of visibility this time, because the mere fact of an offer being one day only tends to concentrate sales. But being on any sort of Amazon sale does wonders for your visibility, which in turn does wonders for sales.

I note also that if we do well again this time then Amazon will want to put the sequel on sale too when it arrives later this year.

New Book – Lyda Gets an Omnibus

Now that I have the Wizard’s Tower bookstore open again I have been able to do something I have wanted to do for a couple of years: offer omnibus editions of some of the books we publish. The Tales of Einarinn omnibus is doing very well. This month it is the turn of Lyda Morehouse and the AngeLINK books.

Back when I was doing Emerald City, the AngeLINK books were one of my favorite discoveries. We are used to queer SF now, but back in 2002 it was much more revolutionary. How could I not love books featuring a transgender archangel?

These days the books seen scarily prophetic. The USA has been taken over by religious fundamentalists who are using the internet as a means of social control. One of the main characters is a Muslim hacker, because who else is going to save the world from the Apocalypse? Well there’s the Antichrist, of course, but whose side is she on? And what about Michael? What is more important to him: his job as commander of God’s legions, or the human woman that he loves? This series is a tremendous ride.

If you haven’t read them yet, the omnibus edition is now available as an ebook. Because we love you, it is on sale until the end of February. It is also available on Kobo, but the sale price won’t kick in until tomorrow as with Kobo you are not allowed to schedule a sale to start on the current day.

I might be able to get the book up on Google, but their site has been balky with the Enarinn book. It will not be on Amazon. Besides, Lyda gets more money if you buy direct, so please do so. If you don’t have GBP, PayPal will do the currency conversion for you.

Oh, and don’t those Bruce Jensen covers look great together? I’m so pleased that we got a new cover for Apocalypse Array so that the set was complete.

Tales of Einarinn 20th Anniversary

Doesn’t time fly! It was 20 years ago this month that Juliet McKenna burst onto the fantasy scene with The Thief’s Gamble. Given the auspicious anniversary, Juliet and I thought that it would be a good idea to have presents, for you folks.

From now until the end of January, the five volumes of the original Tales of Einarinn are on sale. The prices are US$2.99, £2.35 and €2.99. Apologies to European readers, but Amazon won’t let us sell for less than that at their standard royalty rate. I see that Google are already discounting the price of some of the books, so you might try them.

But that’s not all. You can also buy a fabulous onmibus edition that contains all five novels and the short story collection, A Few Further Tales of Einarinn. And until the end of January it is priced at just $9.99/£7.99. That’s live in Barnes & Noble and Kobo now. Google will doubtless catch up at some point. It is not on Amazon, because their website kept crashing when I tried to upload the file (insert rant about the bloated nature of the Kindle file format here). But if you need a Kindle version you can buy it from the Wizard’s Tower Bookstore.

Yes, the bookstore has re-opened after a couple of years stuck in limbo due to VAT issues. Thankfully that’s all sorted now, although it we do end up with a No Deal Brexit, which is looking increasingly likely, it will have to close again.

Of course I’d like you to buy everything from the Wizard’s Tower bookstore, because Juliet gets more money that way, but I appreciate that you may need to pay in your local currency.

That’s today’s Wizard’s Tower news. There will be more later in the month.

Update: Corrected to 20th anniversary. Guess who can’t count.

Happy Solstice – Time to Get Green!

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Here in the Northern Hemisphere the days will be getting longer and it is time to welcome the green back into our lives. Down south it is summer, and hopefully not too parched, Australia.

What better way to celebrate than with the Green Man? In view of which Juliet and I have decided to put The Green Man’s Heir on sale for the rest of December. Thanks to an unlikely coincidence of exchange rates you should be able to find it for £0.99, $0.99 and €0.99, though some stores may adjust dynamically through the month. Prices in other currencies will be scaled accordingly.

Update: The sale is live on Amazon as well now.

Of course when I say that you can find it there’s always a catch. Kobo, Google and Barnes & Noble have already adjusted their prices as I requested. Amazon tell me that it could take up to three days to make the change.

However, if you are a Kindle user there are many free tools that help you convert epub books to mobi, so if you really can’t wait that’s always an option. If that sounds scary, Amazon will catch up before the month is over, and doubtless it will take them time to change back in January.

Happy reading, everyone!

Wizard’s Tower in Bath Tomorrow

If you happen to live in or near Bath, you may be interested in Small Publishers’ Gathering which is taking place in the city tomorrow. Wizard’s Tower will be one of the publishers attending, as will our good friends Tangent Books who do all sorts of amazing titles about Bristol.

The event is taking place at the Friends’ Meeting House on York Street and will be open to the public from Noon for you to come any buy books. If you weren’t at BristolCon you should come along and pick up a copy of Kingdoms of Elfin by Sylvia Townsend Warner. This is an author I have been longing to read since hearing about her at Gendered Voices last year. Kudos to Handheld Press for bringing out a new edition.

The Green Man’s Reviews

As well as selling ridiculously well, The Green Man’s Heir is garnering some great reviews. I have just updated the page for the book over at the Wizard’s Tower Press website. For sheer sound bite brilliance I love K.J. Charles’s comment: “So far up my street it could be my house.” However, the thing that really warms my little publisher heart is getting a review in F&SF.

It is not just any review either. Firstly it is by the acknowledged master of contemporary fantasy, Charles de Lint. If you have a book in that genre, and Charles says it is good, you know you are onto a good thing. But he doesn’t just say it is good, he says, “It’s one of my favorite books so far this year.”

Naturally Juliet and I are delighted. On the one hand, of course, the sales of the book have so far outstripped our wildest dreams that something like this is just icing on the cake. On the othe hand, almost all of those sales have been in the UK. The book has yet to come to the attention of the US market. Sales have picked up a bit since the review came out, but they are not yet at the level they were in the UK prior to Amazon picking the book for the Daily Deal so there is a long way to go. So if you are in the US and have read the book, please talk about it. If you havent read it, you can get it for Kindle, or as an ePub.

I note that people are asking about a sequel. Certainly Juliet and I have talked about it, but she’s got a lot on her plate right now. What I am going to do is make a hardcover edition, if only because I can finally do that thing of adding a page or two saying, “Praise for this book.” So if anyone else out there would like to be included in that, please let me know.

After the Flood

Following yesterday’s excitment, things are returning slowly to normal here at Wizard’s Tower. The Green Man’s Heir is no longer on sales at 99p, and is no longer receiving special promotion from Amazon. However, the effects of that promotion linger on. As I type this, the book is still ranked #6 in all fiction sales on Amazon UK, and is still #1 in science fiction and fantasy. That is still leading to a pleasing level of sales, though obviously nowhere near yesterday’s flood.

As a publisher, what interests me is the long-term effect of all this. How long will the sales rank stay high enough to keep the book easily visible on the Amazon website? How many of yesterday’s thousands of purchases will result in reviews, or returns? What will the effect be on the sale of Juliet’s other books? Only time will tell, but I will be keeping an eye on the data. Other small press owners may well be interested.

In the meantime I’m just going to keep staring at that screenshot at the top of this post. There are no Hugos for Best Publisher, but I’ll happily take that instead.

Best Seller!

Much to the delight of Juliet and myself, The Green Man’s Heir has been selling very steadily ever since it was published. A couple of years back Kameron Hurley got a lot of notice for this blog post in which she explained that the average book sells 3000 copies in its lifetime. Given that Wizard’s Tower is a very small press, I’m not surprised that nothing we had published to date had reached that milestone. (Although of course we major in reprints and many of the books we published did sell that well in previous incarnations.)

The Green Man’s Heir was different. It was a brand new novel, something we had never done before, but from our best-selling writer, Juliet E. McKenna. I hoped it would do well, but didn’t have huge expectations. I was really pleased by how well it was selling. What I didn’t expect was what that would lead to.

Someone at Amazon clearly noticed that the book was doing very well, and that it was getting stellar reviews. They offered us the opportunity to be part of a promotion, though without giving much detail. I asked Juliet and she said yes, so we signed up and a week or so later we got an email saying that the book would be a “Daily Deal” at £0.99 on August 13th. Just the UK, one day only. Does that make a difference?

You bet it does. To start with there’s this, which I shall be proud of for the rest of my publishing career:

#1 in Fantasy

That, of course, is a result of numbers. Looking at the sales numbers, I am now confident the The Green Man’s Heir will sell 3000 copies today.

No, not that it will pass 3000 copies lifetime, it will sell over 3000 copies today, which will mean it is heading for 5000 copies lifetime.

The really interesting thing about this, however, is that the vast majority of the sales, both prior to today and during today, have been in the UK. US sales haven’t really taken off. The Daily Deal promotion is UK-only, but Amazon US have chosen to put the book on sale. Kevin reports that it is $4.16, down from a list price of $5.99. So why not get in on the act, America? Find out what thousands of British readers have been getting excited about.

UK readers, if you don’t have your copy yet, you can get it here.

US readers, the link for you is here.

Paper copies are available from both stores. If you are going to be at Worldcon you will be able to find the book in the Dealers’ Room on the Cargo Cult table.

Green Men Can Fly

I don’t have a lot of time for doing Wizard’s Tower work right now, but I’m delighted to say that The Green Man’s Heir doesn’t seem to need my help. Copies are fair flying off the shelves. The latest rave review to appear is by Paul Weimer over at Skiffy & Fanty. And yesterday on Twitter the master of contemporary fantasy, Charles de Lint, described it as, “one of my favourite books so far this year”. Purchase links can be found here.

Airship 2 Deadline Extended

This is the point at which I should be reminding you that you need to get your submissions for Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion 2 in by the end of the month. However, Jo & Roz are currently in the throes of moving house and they have told me that they won’t be able to look at anything for a couple of weeks. Consequently I am extending the deadline to May 14th.

Full submission details here.

The Green Man’s Heir at Eastercon and Norwescon

Folks back in the UK will be heading for Eastercon around now. If you are looking for a paperback copy of The Green Man’s Heir then you are in luck, because Juliet has a box full of them. You will be able to find them in the Dealers’ Room at the Angry Robot table. Or corner Juliet if you can find her; she has a very busy schedule.

We haven’t managed to get any paper copies printed in North America as yet, but I have given the proof copy to Kevin and he will be at Norwescon over the weekend. If you’d like to take a look, track him down. I’m sure we can arrange to get copies to some US dealers soon.

If you are wondering what people make of the book, here are a couple of early reviews:

Also here’s a wonderful endorsement from the brilliant Garth Nix.

So if you want to know what a shuck is, go buy the book.

The Green Man Lives

Juliet E. McKenna’s new novel, The Green Man’s Heir, is now available from the usual ebook stores. You can find a list of links here.

The paper edition is also available, but Amazon will probably take their time listing it, and will say it is out of stock, because that’s what they do to small presses who don’t publish through them. You should be able to order it from any bookstore. The ISBN is 978-1-908039-69-9. I’d be really grateful if you could order it from Waterstones as that might encourage them to stock our books.

Bristol people, I plan to have copies available at the April Fringe. If you can wait that long, let me know and you can buy it at the heavily discounted convention price. Printers and post people willing, there should be copies at Eastercon.

US people, you should be able to order it from bookstores as well as it is available for printing in the USA. BASFA people, Kevin will be able to take orders for direct sales, though I’m not sure when he’ll next be at a meeting.

Cover Reveal – The Green Man’s Heir

Something else I need to do on International Women’s Day is celebrate living women, and who better to chose for that than my friend Juliet E. McKenna whose books I am honored to publish. Here, therefore, is the cover of her new novel, The Green Man’s Heir, which will be available once I have got a proof back from the printers and checked that it is OK.

Juliet has written about some of the inspiration for the novel here.

And while I am mainly talking about women today I should add that Ben Baldwin, who provided the art for the book, and for Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom, is an absolute joy to work with.

Champagne Time

In amongst the misery that always accompanies snowfall in Southern England, here is something that cheered me up. Yesterday I was doing the month end accounts for Wizard’s Tower and I noticed that The Thief’s Gamble by Juliet McKenna had become the first book of ours to sell over 1000 copies. I am, of course, very pleased. Go pour yourself a glass of something, Juliet, you’ve earned it.

Introducing Airship 2

This year I am trying to devote a bit more time to Wizard’s Tower. We have the new Juliet McKenna novel due very soon now, and I have another project I am hoping very much will happen. Anthologies have been a bit complicated due to Jo & Roz being engaged in a protracted house moving process. That, however, is finally sorting itself out, and we have decided to do a second steampunk book.

Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion 2: Rail, Sea and Sky, as the subtitle suggests, will have a theme of transport. Brunel’s original vision for Bristol was to be a transit interchange where rail passengers from London could transfer onto luxury liners to cross the Atlantic. Since his time, Bristol has become famous for aircraft manufacture. And because this is steampunk there is no reason why Bristol could not become a major spaceport with aetherflyers leaving for the British colonies on the Moon, Mars and Venus.

Adventure can come in many ways. Trains can be robbed by masked automata; ships can be menaced by a giant kraken; airships can be hijacked by foreign agents; and aetherflyers can be raided by Venusian pirates. As with Airship 1, we are hoping that contributors will take the opportunity to interrogate Victorian society and question the conservative values for which it has become notorious.

We have got a lot of the old gang back together for book two. Jo and Roz will be editing it again, Andy Bigwood is hopefully doing the cover, and we have confirmed stories from Ken Shinn, Ian Millsted, Pete Sutton, Scott Lewis, John Hawkes-Reed, Andy Bigwood, Roz Clarke, Deborah Walker, Piotr Świetlik, Jonathan L Howard, Stephen Blake and, er, me. What can I say? I had a totally batshit idea; Jo & Roz liked it.

That leaves us at least 3 spaces for additional stories. We may take more if we get a lot of great submissions. We can only afford to pay £50 per story, so it is nowhere near professional rates, but this series is all about encouraging new writing so who knows what we’ll discover.

For full details of the submission guidelines, deadlines, etc., see the Wizard’s Tower website.

The Green Man is Coming

Well, technically his heir.

Juliet McKenna mentioned on her blog today that she has a brand new novel scheduled for this year. It will be called The Green Man’s Heir, and Juliet describes it as, “a modern fantasy, drawing on the folklore of the British Isles, and prompted by looking at urban fantasy from a few different angles.” I am delighted that Wizard’s Tower will be publishing it.

Obviously McKenna fans out there will be asking, “when will it be available?” Well I have done the ebook (subject to proofing by Juliet and a few little things that need adding). The paper version will take a bit longer because there’s a whole lot more involved in producing a paper book. Once Juliet and I have a timeline in place we’ll let you know.

Congratulations, Juliet!

No, this is not about the VATMOSS stuff, Juliet McKenna has had some other good news. She has been asked to join the jury for the World Fantasy Awards.

As she explains here, this is a lot of work. Yes, you get tons of free books, but you have to read them. Judging the Tiptree requires one heck of a lot of reading, though nothing too much more than I got through when I was running Emerald City. Judging World Fantasy is much worse because you have many different categories, all of which are judged by the same jury. So it is a huge honor, but also a huge responsibility.

This does not necessarily mean that there won’t be anything happening on the fiction front. After all, River Kingdom came out over a year ago. We might still be able to make something happen in 2018.

VATMOSS – Victory?

It has been a long time since I had to write about the nightmare of the EU’s VT changes on cross-border digital sales, but thanks to very hard work by a number of people, including Juliet McKenna, we now have a satisfactory resolution. As Juliet reports here, as of January 2019 there will be an exemption for companies that do less than €10,000 worth of digital trading per year.

Huge thanks are due to Juliet and all of those who helped here (and are listed in her blog post).

So what does this mean? Well, in theory as of January 2019 the Wizard’s Tower bookstore can re-open for direct sales. We have plans. We hope you will like them.

On the other hand, by that time the UK could be out of the EU with a no deal Brexit and Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg as Prime Minister, in which case I will have far more to worry about than VAT.

Cat Out Of Bag

Yesterday Juliet McKenna did a blog post talking about how Ibsen might have intended Hedda Gabler to be black. I haven’t had a chance to follow up on that, though it does sound fascinating. However, at the bottom of the post she mentions a few other things she has been up to, including this:

We’re heading into the final stages of preparing The Green Man’s Heir for publication. This is a modern fantasy novel that will be coming soon from Wizard’s Tower Press.

So, er, yes. This is something that Juliet and I have been talking about for some time. I’ve been leaving her to get on with it at her own pace. I have no timeline for it as yet. When she’s ready, I will progress it through the publication process as fast as I can. As and when I am able to give dates I will do so. I’m very much looking forward to it.