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GUFF Deadline Approaches

I’ve not had a lot of time to think about things like fan funds of late, but I did get a few hours off last weekend and I used some of that to catch up on episodes of Galactic Suburbia. … Continue reading

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New Finnish Weird

The latest issue of Finnish Weird is now available online. It includes stories from Magdalena Hai, J.S. Meresmaa and Viivi Hyvönen. (And yes, they are all women.) You can download a free electronic copy here. Free paper copies will be … Continue reading

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New Fafnir Available

A new edition of Fafnir, the Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research, has gone online. You can find the current issue here. The article I most want to read is one by Stefan Ekman and Audrey Isabel Taylor … Continue reading

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Cat Valente at Finncon, Two Interviews

The latest podcast to go up on Salon Futura is the full version of my interview with Cat Valente from Finncon. As you may recall, I broadcast part of it on Women’s Outlook a while back, but the whole thing … Continue reading

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Helsinki Site Info

Yesterday hotel bookings for Worldcon opened, and the inevitable panic on social media ensued. Getting a hotel room for Worldcon isn’t, thank goodness, as bad as trying to get a hotel room in San Diego for ComicCon, but it is … Continue reading

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Finns for Hugos

Yeah, I am lamentably late publishing anything for Women in Translation Month. It is, after all, the last day of August. But I didn’t want to talk about these two books until the current year’s Hugo excitement was over, because … Continue reading

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Awards at Finncon

Being a national convention, Finncon has a number of award ceremonies as part of the program. Usually I manage to report on this at the time, but this year I managed to be way too busy. Thankfully the ever-reliable Tero … Continue reading

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Finncon 2016 Masquerade

These are the official photos from the Finncon 2016 Masquerade. The first four pictures are from the juniors competition. I’m missing one of the kids as he missed the photoshoot, and some of the names of the adults and their … Continue reading

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Tom of Finland Exhibition

One thing I definitely wanted to see while I was in Finland was the Tom of Finland exhibition at the Taide Halli (Art Hall) in Helsinki. They currently have a huge selection of Tom’s art on display, along with a … Continue reading

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Trans Panel Reading List

Suzanne may have some additions to this at some point. These are the books that I can remember us mentioning: Lizard Radio — Pat Schmatz Who Killed Sherlock Holmes — Paul Cornell Gideon Smith and the Mask of the Ripper … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales Panel Reading List

Here as promised is my reading list from the “Sex ‘n’ Drugs ‘n’ Puss in Boots” panel. Cat and Anne may want to add to it as some point, and feel free to add your own recommendations in comments. First … Continue reading

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Good Hair Day

Yesterday, after swimming in the lake, I was sat chatting with Raffaella Baccolini when Saija Kyllönen kindly noticed that my wet hair needed brushing out and started doing the job for me. Then she asked me if I would like … Continue reading

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Almost Perfect Day

Well that went very well. Suzanne and I had a really big audience for the trans panel, and a lot of great feedback afterwards. I did get to some programming. Jasper was his usual highly amusing self. The results of … Continue reading

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Finland Update

My apologies for the lack of blogging over the past few days. That’s partly due to being on the road, partly due to lack of wifi access (I get free roaming in Finland on my phone, but that doesn’t include … Continue reading

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Train to Helsinki

One of the things that was different on this trip to Helsinki is that the train from the airport is now in service. As a service to Worldcon members, and a gift to Kevin, here is a brief report. Helsinki … Continue reading

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The Finns Have Weirded (Again)

One of the places I would love to be this weekend is Åcon. Sadly I can’t afford to do Finncon, Barcelona and a second trip to Finland. So profuse apologies to Zen Cho, whom I would have loved to hang … Continue reading

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Women in Translation – The Numbers

Over at the Three Percent blog Chad W Post has some data on the gender of writers whose work gets translated. This is for all fiction, not just SF&F, and the publication dates covered are 2008-2014. The numbers are stark. … Continue reading

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Tolkien and Finland, an Update

Earlier today I noticed a BBC article about the “new” Tolkien book, The Story of Kullervo, and its connection to Finland. I tweeted about it. That has got quite a few retweets, but on Facebook it drew the attention of … Continue reading

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Hello World, Welcome to Helsinki!

Well look at that, I think we done got ourselves a Worldcon. 🙂 The results are technically pending until confirmed at the Saturday WSFS Business Meeting, but here are the numbers from the count: Helsinki 1363 Washington 878 Montreal 228 … Continue reading

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Archipelacon – Day 4

Well, that was fairly full-on. First up on Sunday was my LGBT Superheroes talk. Ten minutes before I was due to start the room was already full to overflowing. Program Ops made inquiries, and we were moved to a much … Continue reading

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