Aberystwyth Does Marginalised Writers

My friend Jo Lambert, who is a Creative Writing student at Aberystwyth, is co-hosting a day-long hybrid event for Marginalised Writers at the University of Aberystwyth on July 13th. As a trans writer/publisher, I have been invited to be on a panel. As it turns out, I’ll be on my way back from Finland at the time, but I’m hoping to be able to log in from the Finnair lounge at Helsinki Airport.

The event is aimed at marginalised people of sorts. If you are a person of colour, disabled, elderly, queer, living with mental illness, on a very low income or any other form of marginalisation, this day is for you. While Jo is primarily a novelist, writers of non-fiction are welcome, and indeed the event is being supported by my friends at Inclusive Journalism Cymru. Attendance is free, and you can attend online (though you’ll miss out on lovely Aberystwyth and the free food if you do). Tickets available here.

I hope to see some of you there.

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