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The Rise and Fall of Grimpink

Today was a day much like any other on teh intrawebs, in that a bunch of SF&F people were irritated about something that Damien Walter had written in The Guardian. Specifically it was this piece, in which Damien has a … Continue reading

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New Finnish Fiction from Cheeky Frawg

The fabulous VanderMeers have sent me the latest Cheeky Frawg book: Datura, by Leena Krohn (translated by Anna Volmari and Juha Tupasela). Here’s what the blurb says: Our narrator works as an editor and writer for a magazine specializing in … Continue reading

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Brighton Restaurants – The Marlborough

Well, more of a pub than a restaurant, and as much of a queer club and theater as a pub. When we have an Outer Alliance meet-up with the local community (which I am sure we will), it will be … Continue reading

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New Translation From Le Guin

I uploaded a number of new books from Aqueduct Press today. I’ll get around to talking about them all in the coming days, but I want to give pride of place to a translation. The original work was presumably in … Continue reading

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Silly Season

You never quite know what to believe from the things you read online on April 1st. One of the more interesting posts I saw was this one from Jonathan Clements about a new anime series based on the manga, Pretty … Continue reading

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An SEO Tip

Yeah, not the sort of thing I normally blog about. 🙂 Over the past few weeks I have achieved around a 50% increase in blog traffic. I didn’t do anything special myself. It is all down to this post, in … Continue reading

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Poode Street – It’s A Meme!

Three people found my blog yesterday by searching for the term “Poode Street Codcast”. Oh dear… I do hope that Jonathan and Gary aren’t mad at me.

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Bristol’s Troll Bridge

Many of you will know that there is a troll living under the Bay Bridge that connects San Francisco to Oakland (not the Golden Gate bridge, that’s the other one). But did you know that there is a troll living … Continue reading

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Fame At Last… Sort Of

I don’t often remember my dreams, which is probably a good thing as it prevents me from boring you with the details. Every so often, however, something wakes me up in the middle of a dream and I find out … Continue reading

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Spot Betting Scandal Hits British SF

The British Science Fiction Community was thrown into disarray this week after two undercover Guardian journalists, Alison Flood and Damien Walter, claimed to have obtained footage of a juror for the Arthur C. Clarke Award agreeing to fix the results … Continue reading

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The Diagram Prize

It is that time of year again when we all get a good chuckle over the crazy titles some people have picked for their books. The short list for this year’s Diagram Prize is now available and open for public … Continue reading

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The Truth About The Gender Industry

Yesterday’s Daily Malice contained a lengthy article purporting to expose the evils of Britain’s “Gender Industry”. Unfortunately, as is common for the Malice, their journalists knew very little about the subject and got much of it wrong. In particular they … Continue reading

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You’ll Believe A Squid Can Fly

Things have been a bit heavy around here for the past few days, so I figured that you folks deserved some light relief. Here it is. For the benefit of those of you who didn’t click through, it appears that … Continue reading

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Finn Fan Secret Exposed?

Well, CNN might not know where London is, but they do have some interesting stories. According to this news item, a group of shipwreck hunters operating in the seas between Finland and Sweden have discovered an unusual object on the … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Programme…

… for an important news conference. Ahem. I give you, Kermit and Miss Piggy, who have something to say about news.

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The Great Haggis Extinction Mystery

As many of you will know, tomorrow is the traditional date of Burns Night, the day on which a person of Scottish descent, and anyone else looking for a good excuse to down some fine malt whisky, celebrates all things … Continue reading

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Happy Cthulhumas

Let’s face it, many of us, especially those with small children, will have lost our minds by the time that the holidays are over. So why not get it over with early? Here, for your dismay and desperation, are the … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Be Mad…

Love of the weird is an affliction. There can be no doubt about it. The very reading of that dread tome, The Necronomicon, can cause a man to lose his sanity. And while that book might be quite a hefty … Continue reading

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On A Lighter Note

Today has been pretty sombre, so I thought you could do with something to cheer you up. And what better to do so than a painting of a giant squid destroying a town? Sadly this particular squid does appear to … Continue reading

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In Full Swing

Otto, Paula and I have invaded Harald and forced the staff, at axe point, to slaughter various animals, vegetables and trees for our culinary enjoyment. Sadly there was no one in anime costume in the restaurant, which would have been … Continue reading

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