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She Walks In Shadows #WITMonth

Now isn’t that lovely? Yes, there are tentacles. And a woman. Also I gave the whole thing away with the title of this post. She Walks In Shadows, the anthology of Lovecraftian stories by women writers, is now available for … Continue reading

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A Merry Jazzy Squidmas

Hopefully most of you are at least getting off work early today. Tonight you may be settling in for a nice meal, some wine, and perhaps a little whisky before bed. What better accompaniment to that than some nice jazz. … Continue reading

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Join #TeamSquid Now!

Yes, it is another one of those anthologies. Women Destroy Lovecraft? Actually I think Howard had quite enough difficulty with women when he was alive. Women Destroy the Cthulhu Mythos, perhaps. Anyway: women, tentacles, what’s not to like? Go back … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh

As those of you watching the UK news will know, the world is being destroyed in wind and rain today. I came back from Darkest Somerset on the train today, and was really rather lucky. There’s a tree down on … Continue reading

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Bristol’s Got Tentacles

The Pacific Giant Octopus has arrived at Bristol Aquarium, and it isn’t taking any prisoners. Image copyright Justin Dowling. For more information on this amazing creature, and the fabulous art that Justin Dowling has created for the Aquarium, see Deep … Continue reading

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The Kraken Lives

Thanks to Alex from Galactic Suburbia I have seen a TED talk by Edith Widder, who has the sort of job I envisaged having when I started my degree all those years ago. I mean, filming giant squid in the … Continue reading

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Last Minute Shopping Under a Gibbous Moon

Forgotten someone this Christmas? Never fear, online shops never close, and I have the perfect gift for you! I am talking, of course, of An Abhorrent & Ancient Solstice, a squamous and eldritch collection of tentacle-fueled seasonal jollity now available … Continue reading

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Squid On Film

A Discovery Channel press release brings the exciting news of the first ever live film of the Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux, in its natural habitat. A program featuring the film is due to be broadcast (presumably in the US first) … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Gets Desperate

So there you are, kicking out one great software idea after another, and all you need to get them to market are a pile of top class computer science graduates. You want the very best people, no matter where in … Continue reading

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Every Spawn Should Have One

I’ll have a lot more to say about the Bristol Comics Expo tomorrow, but for now here’s a little something that I discovered in the dealers’ room. If you want to corrupt your spawn early, this is a good way … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Drowning Girl

OK, I have made a start on 2012 books. Naturally I started with the book I was most looking forward to. It may be all downhill from here. Sorry, everyone else. Of course what works for me may not work … Continue reading

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You’ll Believe A Squid Can Fly

Things have been a bit heavy around here for the past few days, so I figured that you folks deserved some light relief. Here it is. For the benefit of those of you who didn’t click through, it appears that … Continue reading

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A Happy Border Crossing Story

Peter Watts reports that his experiences with Australian border guards were very pleasant. Also there are some rather nice photos, including the “Squid Overlords” t-shirt.

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Who Is King of the Squid?

Those of you who have read China MiĆ©ville’s Kraken will be aware that there is something of a debate amongst squid aficionados as to which tentacled monstrosity is the true king of the high seas. China sides with the Giant … Continue reading

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Creatures of Rare Intelligence

Yes, I know it has been on Boing!Boing! and in The Guardian already, but this film of octopus using coconut shells for shelter bears spreading far and wide. Also: tentacles! The scientists responsible are based in Melbourne. I wonder if … Continue reading

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We’re All Going To Die x 144

Curiously timed to coincide with Worldcon, Slate magazine is running a week-long feature entitled “How Is America Going To End?” This exercise in futurology plans get all sorts of clever (and perhaps a few not-so-clever) people to predict the form … Continue reading

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Know Your Squid

Deep Sea News tries (probably in vain) to teach journalists the difference between a giant squid and a Giant Squid. While tiny in comparison to their more illustrious kin, the Humboldt squid is nevertheless a fearsome predator. It can grow … Continue reading

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Many thanks to Kelly & Daniel for looking after me in Wellington. I have seen lots of things. I have been to the Weta Cave; I have been to the Cake Tin (Go ‘Canes!); I have been to Rivendell; and … Continue reading

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From the Depths of Time, They Come

How long have our cephalopod masters ruled the Earth? Apparently at least 95 million years. Of course, as the article points out, octopus fossils do not form easily. And that means that something that appears to be an octopus fossil … Continue reading

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Cephalopod Friday

Yes, it is that time of the week again. PZ Myers has found something very disturbing. I, however, have found something incredibly cool, thanks to the good people at Deep Sea News. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present, the Blanket … Continue reading

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