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Tampere Site Visit

I have no idea whether the Finns are serious about bidding for Tampere in 2032, but just in case I paid the proposed site a visit today. Tampere is just over an hour by train from Helsinki and has been … Continue reading

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Arabian Nights Questions

Something else I did over Christmas, as a bit of a break from the Wagnerthon, was remind myself of the rules for Arabian Nights, just in case I should end up in a game at Chance & Counters. There are … Continue reading

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Thunderbirds, the Board Game

Last night a bunch of reprobates – Cavan Scott, Jonathan L Howard, Stark Holborn and myself, descended upon the Chance and Counters board game cafe in Bristol. For our entertainment for the evening we chose the Thunderbirds game, mainly because … Continue reading

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Cersi is a Winner

Every so often Covet Fashion has what are essentially cosplay competitions, in that you have to style a look from fiction. This week, to coincide with the start of the new series of Game of Thrones, they asked us to … Continue reading

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A New Time Sink – Playing Dress-Up

If I have no time to do anything for anyone from now on, you can totally blame Rachel Swirsky for introducing me to Covet Fashion. It is an online game, and basically the idea is that you get to spend … Continue reading

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Once There Were Heroes

This is another post about a Kickstarter campaign. Kevin Rolfe is raising funds to produce a sourcebook for a superhero role-playing game whose title can’t be mentioned for legal reasons but which will be familiar to anyone who played RPGs … Continue reading

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What Was She Smoking?

Today, for reasons nothing to do with this post, I spent a few hours on Skype chatting with an academic about social media (as you do). A chance exchange at the end, after we had finished our business, set off … Continue reading

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Girl On Film

A couple of years ago I was interviewed for something called the Trans*Geek Movie. It is essentially a documentary project about trans people who are involved in geekdom. The project is being run on a shoestring so it is taking … Continue reading

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Dicing With Dragons: A Blast From The Past

Some of you may have noticed that this year is the 40th Anniversary of the creation of Dungeons & Dragons. Wizards of the Cost* have marked the occasion by, amongst other things, unveiling a new logo. Ten years ago, however, … Continue reading

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Thirsty Meeples – A Games Café

I spent yesterday afternoon at Thirsty Meeples, a “games café” in Oxford. It is like an ordinary café, except that the walls are lined with bookshelves full of games. You can rent them to play while you are sipping your … Continue reading

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On Gender-Swapped Gaming

Foz Meadows has a brilliant post up today abut the phenomenon of people who play gender-swapped characters in online games. Famously, on the Internet, no one knows that you are really a dog. Cross-species play is perhaps rare, but cross-gender … Continue reading

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Trans Awareness: Games and Reality

With the Day of Remembrance over, I thought I should also do a post that is more about trans awareness and education. This is it. A while back I noticed a trans activist having a small rant about people portraying … Continue reading

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In Which I Invent A Game

Yesterday was pretty miserable for sport. Wales threw away a very good half time lead to lose the Junior Rugby World Cup Final to England, and after a great deal of faffing around with the weather England contrived to lose … Continue reading

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Bruce, Reindeer and Me

Given last year’s traffic nightmare trying to get out of Helsinki, Otto, Paula and I hit the road nice and early this time. As a consequence we arrived in Turku in very good time and spent the afternoon exploring the … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Project News

There are a couple of Kickstarter projects that I’m interested in that are due up fairly soon. The first is Fearful Symmetries, an un-themed anthology of original horror fiction to be edited by Ellen Datlow and published by ChiZine. I … Continue reading

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Fighting Fantasy – The History

One of the things about getting old is that people start getting nostalgic for things they did when they were kids. Sometimes those are things that they got into heavily when they were 12 but wouldn’t be seen dead doing … Continue reading

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Exchanging Fire

I have a few quick reports from the battlefront today. On my own part I have engaged in discussions with Sky, Channel 4 and Cheltenham Racecourse. I have also entered a formal complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority. The Sky … Continue reading

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Time To Go Gaming?

Most of the time I am reasonably happy that just reading books is keeping me up with cutting edge developments in science fiction. Certainly film and TV seem mostly to be following the curve. But I always worry that I … Continue reading

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A Collector’s Market in Video Games?

My shoulder is getting better slowly, and I’m learning to manage the problem. I’m sure it would get better much quicker if I could take a couple of weeks off, but that’s life. Anyway, one of the things I am … Continue reading

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Parliament at Work

I have been pointed (thanks Kate!) at a transcript of discussions in the committee stage of the Identity Documents Bill currently going through Parliament. In particular note the comments of Dr. Julian Huppert, MP (LD, Cambridge): There are a number … Continue reading

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