2011 Convention Schedule

With SMOFcon over, that’s the 2010 convention season wrapped up. It is time to look forward to 2011. This year’s con-going was thoroughly messed up by the US immigration issues and the hotel problems in Epinal. Hopefully I’ll have more luck next year. Here’s the preliminary schedule:

Other events may be added if they sound sufficiently interesting and I can afford to go.

And yes, there is a big, August-shaped hole in that schedule.

One thought on “2011 Convention Schedule

  1. What a schedule! I’m hoping to make Fantasycon next year, but the timing is a little tricky. Otherwise it’s P-Con and probably Eastercon for me (plus Octocon at least).

    I have to consider going to Bristol for the Comics Expo too. But that’s three cons clustered together…

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