Catchup Linkage

More stuff I haven’t got time to write about:

– At my favorite gaming blog, James Maliszewski talks about Robert E. Howard and female characters. If you only know Howard through comics and movies you should read this.

– The BBC visits a Maker Faire in Newcastle.

– Amelia Beamer has a disturbing story about how AT&T do their customer surveys.

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3 Responses to Catchup Linkage

  1. Caroline says:

    You might have missed article in Education Guardian about LGBT-friendliness on Universities.

  2. Kendall says:

    Re. AT&T: I’ve run into things like that, but usually not with a claim that question X is interpreted totally differently, as if they had asked question Y. So I’m skeptical they were being 100% honest.

    When I bought my car, I was asked to put top ratings on everything in the follow-up survey or else…whatever, I don’t even remember, but it was stupid, and part of it, yes, was something about how he’d be called onto the carpet to find out why he didn’t do good enough to get 5 stars or whatever. (shrug) I figure it really just has to do with bonuses. 😉 But IMHO, just answer honestly otherwise what’s the point of answering at all, as a customer (not as guilt-trip-ee)?

    (But if AT&T, the company, is really asking a Q about the company and interpreting it as “how did this one employee perform” then they’re freaking idiots at AT&T. Those two questions couldn’t be more different and they’re getting bad data that way…)

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