Some Brief Linkage

Two interesting posts appeared overnight.

John Picacio asks whether Locus might get more readers if they devoted more space to artists and illustrators. Note that he’s not demanding that they should do so, he’s asking Locus readers, and potential readers, whether this is something they would welcome.

On the SFWA blog Mary Robinette Kowal talks about what writers can get out of conventions and how to ensure that they make the best of the experience. (Even writers, it turns out, have to be reminded to bathe.)

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2 Responses to Some Brief Linkage

  1. Steve Green says:

    Locus is advertiser-led. Illustrators don’t advertise.

  2. Cheryl says:


    Writers don’t advertise either. It is publishers that advertise, and they tend to do so by using a picture of the book cover. The author’s name advertises the product, but it is the cover artist’s work that is used.

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