No Radio, But Playlist

There was no radio show today, for reasons well beyond my control. This is a shame, because we had a great show reflecting on International Women’s Day planned, and I had put together a playlist of songs by women from around the world. As you can’t listen to it, I thought I might share the list with you here.

  • Barbados – Rihanna, “Only Girl in the World”
  • England/Pakistan – Bat for Lashes, “Horse and I”
  • Benin – Angélique Kidjo, “Voodoo Chile”
  • Australia – Merril Bainbridge, “Garden In My Room”
  • Germany – Nena, “99 Red Balloons”
  • Denmark – Savage Rose (Annisette Koppel), “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”
  • Wales – Cerys Matthews, “Awyrennau”
  • USA – Diana Ross, “Theme From Mahogany”

Yeah, I was going to play a song in Welsh. That would have confused people.

Also I know nothing about music from most of Asia and South America. Feel free to enlighten me.

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4 Responses to No Radio, But Playlist

  1. Jo says:

    Isabel Montiero from Drugstore is from Sao Paulo, and Lovefoxxx from CSS is from Campinas in Brazil. Shonen Knife are a three-piece all-female punk-pop band from Osaka 🙂

  2. Gary Couzens says:

    Shakira is from Colombia. And since I’ve just seen Nymphomaniac in which she sings over the end credits, Charlotte Gainsbourg would cover UK/France.

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