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Yes, it is another one of those anthologies. Women Destroy Lovecraft? Actually I think Howard had quite enough difficulty with women when he was alive. Women Destroy the Cthulhu Mythos, perhaps. Anyway: women, tentacles, what’s not to like? Go back She walks In Shadows on Indiegogo now, please.

This one, of course, came out of some male editor excusing the cockforest of his contents list by claiming that women don’t write Lovecraftian stories. So we have to prove him wrong.

By the way, my story in Airship Shaped and Bristol Fashion is totally Lovecraftian. And it has a lesbian heroine. Because there were lesbians in 19th Century Bristol, some of them quite famous.

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  1. Daniel Franklin says:

    Was the editor D. M. Mitchell, by any chance? I’ve two of his Lovecraft anthos and both are impressively cockfestish…

  2. Cheryl says:

    Don’t know. It was all subtweeted. Or whatever the equivalent term is for subtweeting on Facebook.

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