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My February Schedule

It being LGBT History Month, I have a pile of public engagements. Most of you won’t be able to get to them, but I’m listing them here just in case, and because it will explain why I’ll be so busy. … Continue reading

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LGBT History Month Is Here

It is February. The insanity is starting. I am going to be so busy over the next four weeks. I’ll have more about my schedule in a later post, but write now I want to draw your attention to a … Continue reading

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Lesbian Nuns, in 17th Century Ethiopia

One of the things that comes up time and time again in the work I do on LGBT history is that, when source material has been translated into English, if there has been LGBT content then it has been left … Continue reading

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International Trans Studies Conference

Next September (7th-10th) the University of Arizona will be holding an international transdisciplinary conference on gender, embodiment, and sexuality in Tucson. I can’t go, of course, because it is in the USA, but it does look very interesting. I was … Continue reading

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Communing With The Ancestors

Photo by Rosemania via Wikipedia. Yesterday I was in London. The main reason for that was to interview Stuart Milk from the Harvey Milk Foundation. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the coming weeks. However, as I … Continue reading

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Give Us Back Our Henge

This week’s archaeology story of note is that someone has discovered the quarry in Wales from which the bluestones at Stonehenge were cut. The Guardian has a report. From an archaeological point of view the main story is that we … Continue reading

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On Trans and Africa

Thanks to the fabulous Monica Roberts, I have discovered Iranti, an African queer rights organization based in Johannesburg. They appear to have excellent links to trans rights groups in many parts of Africa, and even put on pan-African conferences. Here … Continue reading

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The LGBT History Showcase

Every November Schools Out, the charity which founded LGBT History Month, has a showcase event to launch the following year. I’m not entirely sure why it is so far in advance of February, but I’m guessing that in January people … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Lili Elbe

A few days ago Buzzfeed ran an interview with Eddie Redmayne which suggests he has tried really hard to be respectful in his role as Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. It’s not like he doesn’t know trans women, after … Continue reading

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That London – More Diverse Than You Think

My thanks to Caroline Mullan for pointing me to this article on the BBC website. It is reporting on the results of a DNA study by the Museum of London on human remains dating back to the founding of the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Darkest Somerset

The Guardian breathlessly reports that the UK’s oldest graveyard has been discovered in a cave in Somerset. Well, not discovered, exactly. That happened in 1797, so they are a trifle late on that piece of breaking news. However, they do … Continue reading

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TWOC Girls On Film

Today in Trans Awareness Week I have news of two film projects about trans women of color. First up the film MAJOR!, about the life of Miss Major, premiered in San Francisco on Friday. I dropped a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Looking for Lesbians

Yesterday’s Annual General Meeting of OutStories Bristol went very well. Thanks to the fabulous Bea Hitchman we had a good crowd of interested outsiders to make us quorate; and thanks to expert training from Kevin I was able to speed … Continue reading

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A Man of His Time

Much of the discussion I am seeing around the dropping of HP Lovecraft as the face of the World Fantasy Awards has centered on him being “a man of his time”, and therefore inevitably racist. The generally unspoken assumption is … Continue reading

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Bristol Lit Fest – Book Bazaar

On Saturday morning it was off to the Harbourside, where the Festival of Literature was putting on a day-long Book Bazaar. Many local small presses were taking part, including Tangent and Silverwood whose products I know well. Our little corner … Continue reading

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Women’s Outlook Does Literature

It was all books all the time on yesterday’s Women’s Outlook show. First up I had a great interview with Nicola Griffith, mainly about her wonderful novel, Hild. Naturally that brought us on the the position of women in Anglo-Saxon … Continue reading

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The Ascent of Woman, Part 4

So there was another episode of Dr. Amanda Foreman’s wonderful documentary series This one took us up to the present day, and focused on revolutionary movements. It also took us back to Africa, which I was very pleased about. Foreman … Continue reading

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Treasures of the Indus

So I promised you a second post. Then I got distracted by emails from clients. Sorry, back on it now. In fact, here it is. Treasure of the Indus is another 3-part history series. It is part of BBC4’s India … Continue reading

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The Ascent of Woman – Part 3

The third and, it seems, final part of The Ascent of Woman was broadcast last night. This one looked at more recent times, but continued the international flavor. There were six women featured in all, some of which were very … Continue reading

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The Ascent of Woman, Episode 2

The latest episode of Amanda Foreman’s Ascent of Woman series focused on Asia. It began with a celebration of the Trung Sisters, two Vietnamese women who rebelled against the conquering forces of Han China. The sisters were not just heroes … Continue reading

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