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Toronto Has History (Temporarily)

Kevin and I spent today doing tourist stuff in Toronto. This included visiting the Merril Collection and Bakka-Phoenix Books. However, we also dropped in on the Royal Ontario Museum. The original objective was to allow Kevin to see their magnificent … Continue reading

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Historical Gardening

Last night Channel 4 screened an archaeology documentary claiming to have found the true location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Although Greek sources say that the Gardens were in Babylon, and were built by Nebuchadnezzar, no trace of them … Continue reading

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BristolCon Weekend

Kevin and I spent much of Friday in Bath, showing Mary Robinette Kowal around the city. This naturally involved visits to the Georgian parts of the city, as opposed to the Roman bits that Kevin and I tend to frequent. … Continue reading

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Bristol LitFest: Romans with Manda Scott & Ben Kane

I spent Saturday in Bristol attending various events, some of which were part of the Bristol Festival of Literature. First up was a talk at Bristol Museum on the subject of Romans, factual and fictional. First up was Gail Boyle, … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Historical Novels, Equality Act, Women of Color

It was another busy day for me in the Ujima studio. Paulette is still on vacation and I had to host 1.5 hours of the show. Many thanks to my colleagues who ran the other half hour to give me … Continue reading

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Where Has She Been?

Yes, it has all been very quiet here for a while. What have I been up to? Well, a couple of my fabulous Finnish friends have been visiting the UK, and I took time out to show them around Bath, … Continue reading

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The Beau Street Hoard

Like any modern city, Bath is under continual re-development. And as with any 2,000 year old city, any excavations taking place in the city center gets watched by archaeologists. Last year digging for the foundations of the new Gainsborough Hotel … Continue reading

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Yesterday evening we drove about 70km to the nearby city of Varaždin to visit Špancirfest. The name means “walking festival”, which basically means that it is spread all over town. Let me explain. The city of Varaždin was almost completely … Continue reading

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Battles in Fantasy

I’ve just been catching up with the new Michael Wood history series, which focuses on Alfred the Great and his successors. This week’s episode features one of the most successful war leaders of Saxon England: Alfred’s daughter, Aethelflaed, Lady of … Continue reading

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Toronto Wrap

Image from Wikimedia Commons, see here for usage rights While I am absolutely delighted to have been able to get into Canada, and plan to go back again soon, I have also been forcibly reminded that I do not cope … Continue reading

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Åcon Underway

Yesterday was mainly a travel day, and I slept most of the way from Turku to Mariemamn, thereby saving myself from buying duty-free booze on the ferry. We did, however, have a small amount of programming in the evening. Tricia … Continue reading

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Jack Wolf On ShoutOut

I have been catching up with all sorts of things since I got back from Exeter. Included in that is the Shout Out Bristol LGBT radio show. Part of that is ego boo, of course. I get mentioned a couple … Continue reading

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By Popular Demand

Our little LGBT History Month exhibition in the M-Shed has proved so popular that it is being extended for a further two weeks to March 17th. I am very happy about this. By the way, we now have a nice … Continue reading

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Gay Cartoon History

Last night I attended a talk by my colleague, Robert Howes, at Bristol City Library. It was titled “From Scandal to Domesticity: Cartoon Images of Homosexuality”. Basically the idea was to trace the changing public attitudes towards LGBT people through … Continue reading

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The Minister and I #girlslikeus

This morning I was up early and off into Bristol to the M-Shed for an important meeting. As you may recall, the LGBT History exhibition that I have been involved in organizing was mentioned in Parliament by local MP, Stephen … Continue reading

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Harlots, Housewives and Heroines

This post will, I hope, come as no surprise to UK-based readers, especially the female ones. If they haven’t been watching Lucy Worsley’s series, Harlots, Housewives and Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls, then they have been missing out. … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished, Almost

Well, yesterday seemed to go quite well. We had around 40 people in the audience, and judging from the comments I got afterwards, both at the venue and on Twitter, people appear to have enjoyed my talk. The downside is … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Radio

My appearances on local radio yesterday are now available as podcasts. The Ujima Radio show was all about China, in honor of the Chinese New Year. In this segment, around 23 minutes in, you can hear me enthusing about Ken … Continue reading

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New Lost Kingdoms

Regular readers may remember my enthusing over the two BBC series of Lost Kingdoms of Africa. Well they have done it again, but this time the focus has changed. The new series looks at South America and is hosted by … Continue reading

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A Mention in Parliament

Today the House of Commons was debating the second reading of the putative marriage equality bill. As usual with Parliament, a lot of hot air was spouted. However, a significant number of British MPs are openly gay. Many of them … Continue reading

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