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That Time Of Year Again

I see from Twitter that people are complaining about writers listing their award-eligible work again. How refreshing and innovative. Not. As many smarter and more eloquent people than me have said before, the people who get bullied into remaining silent … Continue reading

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Me at Tor

I should be in the air by now, but according to the good folks at Tor something I wrote will be going live on the Tor UK and blogs around now. When I arrive in Toronto I am expected … Continue reading

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Giant Squid Book

Last week I got tempted by a very big book. This one. Yes, I know, it is Lovecraft. But if you want to deconstruct Lovecraft you have to know a bit about what he wrote, and this book looks invaluable … Continue reading

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New Venue for Queer Writing

I spotted this on Twitter the other day. It is a magazine called Vitality which aims to publish, “awesome literature featuring queer protagonists”. Given my article for Holdfast this week, I am delighted to see that Vitality wants material that … Continue reading

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This Week’s Radio – Judy Darley, Bristol Homeless, Black Identity

I began Wednesday’s show with a few mentions of people. As many of you will know, Caroline Symcox has just been inaugurated as Vicar of Fairford, which is not that far away from Bristol. I suspect that Paul Cornell is … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – Off the Record, Coaching and Tangled Roots

Yesterday was one of those days when I arrived in the studio knowing next to nothing about the people I was going to be interviewing. We also had one or two technical issues that resulted in it not being the … Continue reading

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Get Your Tentacles Ready, Ladies

She Walks in Shadows, the all-woman Lovecraft anthology that crowdfunded successfully earlier this year, will have an open submissions period in November. Story length is up to 4,000 words with a pay rate of 6 cents (CA$) a word. For … Continue reading

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Last Week on Ujima – Amy Morse, Glenda Larke, Bicycles, Art

I did manage to get a radio show done last week. Despite everything, I think I did OK. Here’s what went down. In the first half hour I welcomed local author, Amy Morse. We had a lovely chat about starting … Continue reading

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Apex Flash Fiction Contest

Apex magazine is running a flash fiction contest called Steal the Spotlight. The word limit is 250 and there are five categories: sea monsters, black dog/Hellhounds, banshees, science experiments gone wrong, and demons. You can enter once per category. Every … Continue reading

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My X-Men Reboot

For their latest Mind Meld the nice folks at SF Signal asked a bunch of people to write about the topic of reboots in comics. Not only were we asked for our opinions on things like Cap-Falcon and Girl-Thor, they … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – Reggae History & Short Stories

Yesterday was Jamaican Independence Day, which I had planned to celebrate with a little bit of discussion of reggae history. We got off to a slightly rocky start because my first guest, Jonathan Pinnock, had trouble finding the studio. Clearly … Continue reading

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Girl At The End Of The Amazon

Yes folks, the Kindle editions are now available. So if you prefer getting your ebooks from that big digital river, you can now buy The Girl at the End of the World, Book 2, including my story, from the following: … Continue reading

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Bristol Cable Looking for Flash Fiction

My pals at The Bristol Cable, a new community-based media venture for Bristol, are looking for flash fiction (up to 500 words) for their first issue. There’s no pay as yet, but then no one writing for them is getting … Continue reading

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Published Author

OK, so it isn’t exactly at SFWA rates, but at least it isn’t in a book I’m publishing myself. And I am getting paid for it. Besides, just look at that cover. So yeah, paperback copies of The Girl at … Continue reading

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Finncon – Day 2

This morning it was back to the academic conference. Who would have thought that a discussion about biological determinism would arise from a close reading of the Narnia books? Most importantly for you folks, it has been confirmed that there … Continue reading

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Ujima Tomorrow

It looks like we have a packed show for you on Women’s Outlook tomorrow. First up I’ll be talking to my friend Edson Burton about the life of the great Nigerian writer, Wole Soyinka. He (Soyinka, not Edson) will celebrate … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Flash Fiction, Autism, Somalia

Today’s show didn’t have a lot of me in it, and may well have been better for it as I was very tired and could have done better. Fortunately the biggest contribution I had was like falling off a log. … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts On Dialect

The subject of the use of dialect in fiction has been getting a fair amount of airing around the blogosphere of late. I’m very happy with it, as you might guess from my support for Nalo Hopkinson. I also note … Continue reading

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SLF Diversity Grants

I’m delighted to see that the Speculative Literature Foundation is introducing two new grants aimed at further promoting diversity in writing. Here are a few salient bits from the press release: The Diverse Writers Grant is intended to support new … Continue reading

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Writing As a Career Conference in Oxford

While I was in Oxford I had lunch with Juliet McKenna to discuss new book projects at Wizard’s Tower. She gave me a flier for a conference being organized by St. Hilda’s College in May. It is titled Writing As … Continue reading

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