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That Was The Fringe That Was

Well, I survived. Public speaking doesn’t bother me, of course. Heck, I host the Fringe events, and that’s way easier than doing live radio. Reading my own fiction, on that other hand, that’s scary, especially when I’m actually quite pleased … Continue reading

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March Fringe Podcasts

I got the March BristolCon Fringe readings edited over the weekend, and they are now available for listening below. First up we have Rosie Oliver who treated us to a short story, a fragment from a novel, and a preview … Continue reading

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In Which I Get Collected

I am going to be in this book. It is for charity. For a full further details including a full Table of Contents, see here.

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Win A Copy of Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion

Today I’ll be in Bristol talking to the amazing CN Lester live on Ujima Radio’s Women’s Outlook show. To keep you amused while I’m offline, here’s news of a contest being run by Pete Sutton, one of the writers with … Continue reading

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Mslexia Short Story Competition

Mslexia, the women’s writing magazine, is now open for submissions for their 2014 short story competition. I mention this because this judge for this year is Clarke Award winner, Jane Rogers. The first prize is £2,000 and there’s a £10 … Continue reading

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Me Elsewhere: Talking About Frawgs

My good friend Pete Sutton asked me for a guest post for his blog this month. I decided to say a few things about why I love all sorts of books (despite the fact that I publish and sell mainly … Continue reading

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Ladies: Destroy Science Fiction Now!

Yes girls, it is time to load up on the cooties and sally forth to terrorize those legions of 50-year-old adolescent boys who cannot bear to see their beloved genre polluted by things feminine. Lightspeed magazine is preparing a girls-only … Continue reading

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Routes to Diversity – Ask Questions

As I said yesterday, diversity in fiction can take many different forms, and happen in many different ways. I want to see more people from a wide variety of backgrounds producing books, but equally I want the people who are … Continue reading

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Battles in Fantasy

I’ve just been catching up with the new Michael Wood history series, which focuses on Alfred the Great and his successors. This week’s episode features one of the most successful war leaders of Saxon England: Alfred’s daughter, Aethelflaed, Lady of … Continue reading

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Finncon Day 2 – E-books, Academics & Thor

My other panel at this year’s Finncon was on the subject of ebooks. I got to moderate it (thanks Jukka!), which means that it went pretty much as I hoped. There were no lengthy digressions into technical neepery, and no … Continue reading

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Airship Shape Reminder

The submissions deadline for Wizard’s Tower’s latest anthology project, Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion, is this weekend. If you are working on something, do let us know. We have had a number of stories in already, but I know how … Continue reading

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Bath Short Story Award

Yesterday I popped over to Bristol to attend the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival. I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow, but today I want to mention something I came across while I was there. I got handed a postcard … Continue reading

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The Finkbeiner Test and Default Status Characters

One of the more interesting things I found online this week was the Finkbeiner Test. Inspired by the Bechdel Test, this is aimed at journalists who cover women scientists. It’s very nice for women to have articles written about their … Continue reading

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Introducing Long Hidden

Here’s a Kickstarter project you may well want to back. Crossed Genres is floating Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History, to be edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older. The blurb for the book includes the … Continue reading

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Pembroke Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Honour of JRR Tolkien

As promised over the Holidays, here are the full details of the lecture that Kij Johnson will be giving in Oxford later this month, and the writing course she is doing the following day. I hope to see some of … Continue reading

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New Aussie Podcast

Thanks to Kirstyn and Mondy of The Writer & The Critic I have been altered to a new podcast by prolific Australian blogger, Sean Wright. The podcast is named after his blog, Adventures of a Bookonaut, and Episode 1 is … Continue reading

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An Oxford Lecture

As you doubtless all know, Professor Tolkien taught at Oxford University, and wrote much of his famous work while there. He was a Fellow of Pembroke College, and in January Pembroke will be hosting the first in what will be … Continue reading

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Writing Course Offer

I have recommended Cat Rambo’s writing courses before now. I have even taken one myself. Cat has a lot more on offer this year — see here for the full list. And between now and Jan 2 she has a … Continue reading

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Women In Sensible Social Situations

There has been quite a bit of talk around the blogosphere recently about how “realistic” having strong female characters in epic fantasy novels might be. Apparently various authors have been getting complaints from outraged fanboys over their use of strong … Continue reading

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No, No Wri Mo

Today is that start of NaNoWriMo. Many of my friends are hunkering down and starting to write. I’m not. I do have a huge backlog of books to read and review, but more importantly I have a backlog of books … Continue reading

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