Worldcon Montr̩al РThe Site Visit

The fifth video shows Kevin and I trying out the easiest walking route from the Delta to the Palais in real time, complete with Standlee Unit measurement.

(By the way, when I mention “bad food”, I mean food that is bad for us. All of the food we ate in Montréal tasted wonderful, but it wasn’t always good for my cholesterol problem or Kevin’s diabetes.)

4 thoughts on “Worldcon Montréal – The Site Visit

  1. Video 3: the Regency ballroom doesn’t belong to the convention; there will be a wedding there (yes, all 5 days! must be Indian). Only babysitting will be down on the bottommost level.

  2. Video 3: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 2011 is going to try to a very entertaining hoax for this year, I hope.

  3. I’m in the process of deciding whether to attend Anticipation and have found your videos extremely helpful. Thanks so much for taking them, editing, and posting them! That’s a lot of work!

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