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Here are some more photos from my trip to Austria. These are all from the city of Graz, where the conference took place. They include the Schlossberg, the precipitous, fortified hill in the middle of the city.

Graz is 2 hours by train south of Vienna. Part of the reason for the time is that the railway has to wind through the foothills of the Alps. It is not far from the Slovenian border, and only a few hours from Zagreb by road. A lot of the big buildings in the city were built by Italian architects, which gives the city something of a Mediterranean feel. The courtyards are a particular feature of the old town.

The Imperial Bakery

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  1. Great photos, especially that inner courtyard, the double spiral staircase, and the surreal modern art museum (which looks ready to come alive and devour other buildings for breakfast)! 😉 I just had a couple of days in Austria as part of a river cruise and want to return. Vienna was great and I want to return for a dedicated visit; from your photos, Graz looks well worth a side trip to see, too. Thanks for posting the photos, Cheryl!

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