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Mimeo Panel Photos Online

You can see Colin Hinz, Geri Sullivan, Frank Wu, Brianna SpaceKat and myself doing the mimeo demonstration at Denvention 3 in these photos. Check the final picture which is a close-up of Brianna’s artwork. For a first attempt at drawing … Continue reading

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Denvention Masquerade DVD

Mike Glyer reports that Denvention 3 hopes to have a DVD of their masquerade available for sale in the fall (or autumn if you are outside North America). I’m looking forward to it.

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Here is some more video from the Denvention 3 masquerade. It features the velociraptor costumes that won Best in Show for Workmanship (despite being a journeyman entry). Huge congratulations to Charles Orndorff, Jennifer Strand, Michael Bruno and Tauni Orndorff for … Continue reading

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John Picacio Art Tour

During the artists’ reception at Worldcon, John Picacio gave me a personal tour around his exhibit. I filmed it, and now it is on YouTube. The picture quality isn’t great, and clearly I have a lot to learn about shooting … Continue reading

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More Video

Not mine this time. Via Frank Wu I’ve found this nice compilation of material from the con, including many snippets of masquerade entries.

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We Have Video

The trouble with YouTube is that in order to make the video downloadable in a reasonable period it has to sacrifice a lot in quality. This is not good if you are trying to film beautiful costumes. But hopefully having … Continue reading

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WSFS Business Online

For those of you who may be interested in the precise wording, I have just posted the details of all of the Hugo-related business from Denver to SF Awards Watch.

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The Best Dressed Award

As regular readers will know, for many years now I have been handing out a “best dressed” award at the Hugo ceremony. It is time once again for a winner to be announced. There was a fair amount of stiff … Continue reading

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Stephen Boucher Interview

Here is the first of my podcasts from Worldcon. It is an interview with Stephen Boucher, the man who started the whole Australia in 2010 bid by foolishly saying “I’d rather chair a Worldcon than…” in the hearing of a … Continue reading

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Video Progress

Given that Simon Bisson was so confident that my video files would be recoverable, I decided to try one or two more file recovery utilities. The one that worked was File Recover from PC Tools. It cost me $30, but … Continue reading

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Celebrity Worship

Via Mike Glyer I found this report on Denvention3. It is always good to hear that people enjoyed Worldcon, but one particular comment stopped me in my tracks: I go to a panel discussion to hear the panel members’ opinions … Continue reading

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So this evening I thought I would make a start on editing the video from Worldcon, and the first thing I needed to do was up upload the video from the Hugo ceremony from the Flip camera to the computer. … Continue reading

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More Worldcon Photos

The rest of my Worldcon photos are now online.

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Essential Books Commentary

The post about the 20 Essential Books panel has garnered a fair amount of interest around the blogosphere. In particular Niall Harrison and Karen Burnham have been busy doing data mining. I’m sure this is all very interesting, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Essential Books Panel Report Online

For the benefit of those of you wanting the full lists of books from the 20 Essential Books panel at Worldcon, I have now posted this report. Enjoy.

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Hugo Ceremony Photos

The Hugo Ceremony photos are up as well. I’m missing some names but I hope that you folks can help with that. I’ll do the Emerald City Best Dressed Award once I have the video processed.

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Masquerade Photos

Progress! I have my masquerade photos online. The video will hopefully be much better, though it covers fewer costumes and needs editing.

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Bujold GoH Speech

I missed Lois McMaster Bujold’s Guest of Honor speech at Worldcon, but it is available online here and, as Timmi Duchamp points out, it has some interesting things to say about genre and the structure of genre novels.

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Central Denver is lovely. Despite the wide roads and grid layout, it is a proper town center with lots of good restaurants and shops, and excellent pubic transit (there’s a free bus going up and down the 16th Street mall). … Continue reading

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Denvention Post Mortem

I’m pleased to be able to report that the general consensus amongst the assembled Old Pharts was that Denvention 3 had dodged a bullet and would be solvent. There are had been considerable worry pre-con, partly because the convention’s finances … Continue reading

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