Finncon 2009 Video

The following videos were all shot at Finncon 2009.

First up is a quick tour around the auditorium where we were preparing for the individual CosPlay tournament. There are around 800 seats in the room, with several hundred more fans sat on the floor, standing at the back, or watching from the balcony. See the photos below for some examples of the costumes.


Just before lunch on Saturday I caught up with con-chair Jukka Halme and asked him how things were going. He was very upbeat.


Saturday night saw the traditional party at which the Finnish Filk Choir performed songs specially written for the guests of honor. I’m not sure who all of the choir are, but they are led by Marianna Leikomaa and include Karoliina Leikomaa, Johanna Vainikainen-Uusitalo and Liisa Rantalaiho. Some of the singers had been in the masquerade beforehand. Lurking at the back you should be able to spot Jared the Goblin King and Legolas.

This video also includes the Tiara Incident, so I’m on film. Many thanks to the young man who offered to keep filming for me.

If you would like to see the lyrics of the various songs, you can find them online here.


I know that I tend to be very enthusiastic about the Finns and their con-running skills, and you might not quite believe me, but Al Reynolds was one of the Guests of Honor this year and he is just as complimentary. I talked to him at the dead dog party.


One of the most remarkable success stories of Finnish fandom is Star Wreck, the amateur Star Trek movie that became an Internet smash hit. The guys behind that are now in the process of creating an entirely original movie, Iron Sky. It is scripted by Johanna Sinisalo and it includes Nazis on the Moon. How good does it get? Here I talk to Jarmo Puskala, who is in charge of community relations for the project.


The final video is not about Finncon per se, but rather about forthcoming conventions in Sweden. Johan Anglemark is a well-traveled (and therefore well-known) Swedish fan. Here he talks about the forthcoming Swecon (with Guests of Honor Liz Williams and Graham Joyce), and the 2011 Eurocon, also taking place in Stockholm.

There is an interesting cultural difference here. Johan and I are at a Finncon whose attendance was reckoned to be around 15,000. Sweden is just next door, and has a bigger population, but they’ve never had a convention bigger than 500.


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