This song was written for George RR Martin at Finncon 2009.


Lyrics: Marianna Leikomaa
Tune: Winter wonderland

Over the ground spreads a feeling of fear,
Winter is coming, it nearly is here.
We must get ready, our fortresses steady for war now.
War knows know season, war knows no clime,
Hatred can blossom any old time,
Old families feuding, troubles now brewing for sure now.

Well are things, for the Starks now,
With crown prince, there are sparks now,
Although she’s not bright, guess Sansa’s alright,
Getting power for the Winterfell.

Poor Jon Snow, sent to Wall now,
Laying low, he sees all now
That bastards like he, and Stark royalty,
Cannot coexist in Winterfell.

But now things are looking so much grimmer,
Lannisters will have their bright new dawn.
Even Sansa’s hopes they seem much dimmer,
She never realized she was a pawn.

For the Starks, things look bad now,
Wolves don’t bark, just howl sad now
They know what’s at stake, the whole kingdom’s fate
And maybe even end of Winterfell.

Game of Thrones has begun now,
Four thick tomes, they are done now.
We want to read more, to see final score,
: ,:See what happens to the Winterfell.:,: