Podcast Goodness

I seem to spend more and more time at weekends listening to podcasts. This morning I got through three that are interesting in different ways.

I’ve just blogged at Salon Futura about a Wisconsin Public Radio show that interviews Neil Gaiman, Salman Rushdie and A.S. Byatt about their use of magic in their fiction.

I also caught up with the Christmas Special at Christine Burns’ Just Plain Sense. Rather than Christine interviewing someone, this is a recording of a Saturday Forum show from Gaydio, the Manchester based LGBT FM station, on which Christine was the invited guest. It is a sort of Desert Island Discs format, except the guest is asked to select songs that were significant to her, rather than ones she wants to take away with her. Given that Christine and I are of a similar age, and have similar life experiences, I’m not surprised that the songs she picked resonated strongly with me as well. Cheesy they might be, but Danny Kaye and The Carpenters have created songs that are highly significant for trans people.

Finally the second episode of the Outer Alliance podcast is available, and includes an interview with the awesome Natania Barron.

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2 Responses to Podcast Goodness

  1. Arnold says:

    I appreciate the Electronic Media rather more than I did a couple of weeks ago, this after an electrical storm hereabouts in the North East of England did knock out my Talk Talk /taken over from Tisscalli Broadband Land Line connection and via interminable Talk Talks with new ISP s call center I did eventually manage to produce an engineer who fixed my line fault inside an hour of his crossing my threshold …Never Fear my friend Kaerens Huge Hound ” Shona the Vampire Sniffer ” .. a.k.a. The “Keeshond of The Baskervilles ” .. did check him out before he was invited across the Threshold.

    More than two weeks of being deprived of Newspapers!!

    And so I did, this evening,and thanks to you, listen to that Xmas Special .. pretty good, But, BUT … She interrupted Carly Simon!!! It may well take me another couple of weeks to recover from the Sheer Shock of it all … must go away and lie down.

  2. Julia Rios says:

    Thanks for the mention! And thanks, too, for pointing out that Christmas special. It was really good listening.

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