Traveling European Fans Wanted

Via Steve Green on Facebook I understand that TAFF, the Transatlantic Fan Fund, is in a bit of a crisis this year. The deadline for nominations for the 2011 race, which will take a fan from Europe to the Worldcon in Reno, is this Saturday. To date only one candidate has come forward (John Coxon), and the rules of TAFF state that if the race is uncontested then it must be canceled.

So here is a big opportunity for a European fan. If you would like an expenses-paid trip to Reno, why not give TAFF a try. Of course there are obligations (see the official website for details), but nothing a reasonably organized person can’t cope with. You will need three nominators from Europe (one of whom could be me if I know you), and two from North America (whom I can help you find), so if you have two local friends you are all set. How about it?

One thought on “Traveling European Fans Wanted

  1. Have passport – would travel, but there simply isn’t enough time for me to get the materials together.

    As it stands I am concentrating on having the required resources to go to FinnCon in Turku as that is where my family is from. It will allow me to combine visiting a Con with visiting my family’s graveyard.

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