Presents for Geeks

Unsure what to buy your favorite science fiction fan for the holidays? Here are a few suggestions.

Top of the list has to be a railgun. The US Navy now has a working model that can accelerate a projectile up to Mach 7, hitting enemy battleships with a massive 33 MJ of energy. Take that, Klingon Warbird!

If you don’t have a military starship to outfit, how about some personal transport. Now that I have a home, a really ought to get some transport. As a former biker, I rather fancy one of these.

Cow motorbike

If you are more into flying, and have a liking for dinosaurs, you might prefer one of these.


Both of those images come from the Next Nature blog. Thanks to David Roden for the links.

One thought on “Presents for Geeks

  1. The bike is rather reminiscent of a certain anthropic personification’s mode of transport, the time he tried something other than Binky.

    Except DEATH didn’t have pedals on his.

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