International Criminal News

The media is very much obsessed with the Wikileaks story at the moment, but there are other things going on of a similar nature. Here are a couple you may find interesting.

It sounds like the US government put pressure on Amazon to deny hosting space to Wikileaks, but that’s by no means the only Internet censorship that is going on. Homeland Security has got it into their heads that their job is not to protect the USA from terrorism, but to protect American media companies from copyright infringement. So they have been busily seizing various domain names that the big media companies claim include copyrighted material. Being Homeland Security, they do this without any proof beyond what the media companies tell them, and apparently without seeing the need for a trial. In true poodle fashion they even made the announcement from Disney HQ.

Meanwhile Interpol is apparently chasing round after Julian Assange, but they may soon have a bigger fish to catch. The Houston Chronicle reports on an investigation by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission into an $180m bribery scandal. The Nigerians say they will be issuing warrants for the arrest of senior managers from a number of major companies. One of the companies that they are interested in is Halliburton, and one of the people they want to stand trial for corruption is its former CEO, a chap called Dick Cheney.

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  1. Oh and on the copyright, apparenetly when Disney copyrights are about to expire, the legal limit is extended… (which screwed up completely Nina Paley’s plans for Sita Sings the blues a few years ago)

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