A Documentary About Conventions?

This looks like an interesting project: a fan-made documentary about fannish conventions. Details here. I know who is behind this, but I can’t see a name on the LJ so I’ll refrain from saying anything just now.

It does look to be a rather expensive project. That sort of money could keep Wizard’s Tower Press going for years. But then again, people get excited about movies, and they cost a lot of money to make.

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  1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I’m trying to be anonymous– it’s okay to mention my name! Thanks very much for the link.

    Yes, it is a substantial amount of money, mainly because travelling long distances nearly every weekend turns out to be fairly expensive even in a recession, even planning to fly coach and eat at Denny’s. However, the project as planned would produce probably close to 100 hours of posted footage, so I still figure to argue that it’s a bargain.

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