Clarkesworld #48

I only did a cursory post for the release of this month’s Clarkesworld when I was in Australia. I’m rectifying that now as our second podcast story of the month has just been released.

Our lead story of the month is “The Cull” from the excellent, and very prolific, Robert Reed. You can listen to it as read by Kate Baker here.

Story two is “Paper Cradle” by a promising young British writer, Stephen Gaskell. Kate’s reading of the story is available here.

Jeremy L.C. Jones has two interviews in this issue: one with Karin Lowachee and one with Angela Slatter.

The non-fiction article has made me very happy. When I was a kid I was very fond of a comic strip called Magnus, Robot Fighter. Bill Spangler has written a great history of the character.

And finally, the cover art. Those of you who might be wondering why no women ever get nominated for the Best Professional Artist Hugo might want to check out the work of Julie Dillon. I’m delighted to see her “Honeycomb” gracing the cover of Clarkesworld.