Hugo Ceremony Coverage

This year’s Hugo Award ceremony live coverage will be over on the Official Hugo Awards website. I’m delighted to announced that Kevin and I will be joined in Melbourne by star podcaster, Mur Lafferty. Mur and I will cover for each other in case we have to go on stage. (She’s an acceptor for one of the Short Story nominees.) Mary Robinette Kowal may join us from Dragon*Con, if she can get online from the Hugo Awards Breakfast taking place there.

I hope as many as possible of you will watch the coverage, especially if you are a nominee. It is always a very special moment when someone learns that they have won via our coverage.

3 thoughts on “Hugo Ceremony Coverage

  1. For those watching online, I found a world clock and had it do some calculations so some of us can set some alarms. Surprisingly, all times Sunday, 5 September.

    Melbourne, Australia (Hugo Local Time, EST, UCT+10): 8pm

    San Francisco, California (US Pacific Daylight Time): 3am
    Atlanta, Georgia (US Eastern Daylight/DragonCon Time): 6am
    London, United Kingdom (British Summer Time): 11am
    Moscow, Russia (Moscow Daylight Time): 2pm
    Hong Kong, China: 6pm
    Melbourne, Australia (Hugo Local Time): 8pm
    Aukland, New Zealand: 10pm

    (feel free to pass this info along)

  2. wait, so the reminder thing won’t send the reminder based on Melbourne time? Thus preadjusting? Argh, didn’t think of that?

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