Worldcon, Day 1

Can I be exhausted already? Thank you!

It has been a good day thus far. My panel on trans characters in YA fiction went very well. Lots of people have said nice things about the iPad edition of Salon Futura, and I have been out to dinner with Cat Valente and Seanan McGuire. But I was up half the night finishing the aforementioned magazine, and now I am struggling to keep my eyes open.

What I should say is that the convention center building is the nicest such venue Worldcon has ever had. It is about the right size for this con, the rooms are all very well equipped, and the wi-fi is superb.

A lot of people are complaining that the wi-fi in the convention center is not free. Clearly they have never had to get wi-fi at other convention centers. AU$20 buys you 8 hours or 250 Mb, whichever is used first, and which you can use in any was over a 48 hour period. This is om much better than the $300/day I have been asked to pay at other convention centers. Also the quality of the signal is excellent.

The con, as usual, has a whole lot of furious paddling going on just below the surface, but thus far there have been no obvious snafus. Long may it continue.

2 thoughts on “Worldcon, Day 1

  1. Had such an exhaustive day yesterday – and I’m having an equally tiresome one today – that I couldn’t follow your tweets!!! (Talk about being on the other side of the world – the time lag gest me confused. Will try to keep up to it from today on, though.

  2. When I (slightly belatedly) realised that the 8 hours you get for AU$20 are 8 hours of actual use, not free use from the time you buy it until 8 hours later, I started to agree with you – that is actually rather a good deal. This ought to teach me to actually read “terms and conditions” pages.

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