Stupidly Busy

You may have noticed a certain lack of activity around here of late. There’s a good reason for that. I don’t get vacations with my day job. It isn’t full time, but I’m contracted to provide a certain amount of work every month. That means that if I go gallivanting off around the world I have to do the same amount of work in less time. A three-week tour of the South Pacific is a major disruption to the work flow. And as well as trying to get all of August’s work done before I go, I have Salon Futura #1 to worry about. September is going to be even worse, because I won’t be back from Australia until half way through the month. I have reluctantly decided to skip FantasyCon because I simply can’t afford the time to dash off to another con just a few days after getting back into the country.

So, things will continue to be relatively quiet here on and off, though I hope to blog from the conventions while I’m away. In the meantime I’m learning a lot of interesting things about ebooks. Hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised in a few weeks time (especially those of you with iPads, though I promise to remember the rest of the world as well).