The South Pacific Tour

A few people have been asking me when I will be where on my tour of the South Pacific. I don’t have final panel schedules as yet, but here is a rough guide.

From August 27th-29th I will be in Wellington at Au Contraire, the New Zealand NatCon. The preliminary program schedule is available, but note the warnings about it being a draft. If all goes according to plan I shall be on a panel with Elizabeth Knox, which I am seriously jazzed about.

On August 30th I fly to Melbourne [fixed stupid typo here]. I’m spending a couple of days holed up in a hotel catching up on the day job and getting Salon Futura #1 ready for release. After that it is into the madness that is Worldcon. I have been asked to do a few things while I am there. Once again nothing is set in stone yet, though I am very pleased with the possibilities.

In the week after Worldcon Kevin and I fly off to Cairns and then Sydney. This is a vacation. Aside from a long weekend in Monterey for my birthday a few years back, it is the first vacation we have had together since the last Australian Worldcon in 1999. Don’t expect to hear much from me in that week.