Finncon – Day -1

Sorry for the lack of bloggage yesterday, it was a bit mad. I was supposed to have a relaxing day touring Helsinki, but I ended up booking 7.5 hours of paid work on the Daye Jobbe instead. Fortunately I did get to do the dinner cruise, which was delightful, with excellent food (though the beer drinkers were unhappy).

This morning we did the traditional Helsinki press conference. It went very well. Pat in particular is getting a lot of attention. She has a book just out here (Mindplayers) and it happens to address similar themes to the new movie, Inception. Her Finnish publisher is clearly a genius.

After that we drove up to Jyvaskyla. It is very warm here, and Niki, Mistress of the Universe (Otto & Paula’s cat) was very unhappy. Being in a travel basket is undignified, but hot days are murder when you have a thick fur coat. Thankfully she is now in her holiday home with relatives.

I’ve just come back from a civic reception to open the Jyvasklya Arts Festival. Next stop is a sauna party for the guests. More tomorrow.

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