Adventures in Wi-Fi

Today I finally got around to testing out the Mi-Fi with my netbook. The 3 signal isn’t strong enough for me to do so from the cottage, but it works fine in the town center. I was able to browse the web and check email — something the O2 mobile broadband couldn’t manage. So now if my wired broadband goes down, or I’m on the road, I have a reasonable chance of getting access. So far so good.

In the process of doing this I discovered that the O2 mobile broadband software has no uninstall option on Windows 7. You can see it in the Remove/Change Programs window, but when you select it no options are offered. Microsoft’s help pages have suggested trying removing it when booted in Safe Mode, which I shall try later. Failing all else I should at least be able to edit the start-up options so that the darn thing doesn’t load each time I switch the machine on (and yes, having it loaded does prevent the Mi-Fi from connecting).

Isn’t technology wonderful?