A Podcast Experiment

I figured that it was about time that I learned how to do podcasts, so I have bought myself a digital voice recorder and am beginning to experiment. Of course I needed a convenient experimental subject, which is why my first podcast in an interview with Kevin.

Obviously we had to have something to talk about, so we structured the interview around Worldcon and the World Science Fiction Society. It isn’t the best interview I have ever done. I quickly discovered that podcasts are much less easy to edit than traditional interviews so you have to work very hard to getting the structure right in advance. But hopefully some of you will find it interesting. If you have any questions as a result of what Kevin said, please ask them here.

I’m reasonably pleased with the quality, but I think I had the microphone sensitivity set too high. Noise is hard to get rid of. It sounds OK on speakers, but on headphones you may find there’s too much background creaks and groans (blame our sofa).

Anyway, do let me know what you think of this experiment. Podcasts seem reasonably easy to do. Also the technology I have allows me to put the podcasts up on iTunes. If you would like me to do that I will.

2 thoughts on “A Podcast Experiment

  1. When you’ve got some breathing room…

    Ric Bretschneider (from BASFA) has some podcast experience, and can probably help you tweak your recording setup for better results.

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