Kij Does The Right Thing (Again)

The finalists for this year’s Theodore Sturgeon Award were announced yesterday. Given that this is an award for short fiction, I was very much hoping that Clarkesworld would have a nominee or two. Well we don’t, but for a very good reason. The jurors very much liked Kij Johnson’s “Spar”, but as Kij is one of the jury she asked for the story to be removed from this list. She had to do it last year for “26 Monkeys” as well. So it is a bit disappointing, but it shows that, for a variety of reasons, Kij is absolutely the right sort of person to be judging that award.

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2 Responses to Kij Does The Right Thing (Again)

  1. Bob says:

    Good people and a good writer if she has to do it twice in a row.

  2. When I started reading books for the Endeavour Award, the distribution of reading copies was being handled by Jay Lake’s mother. So whenever one of his books was submitted, she’d have one of the other committee members pick readers at random for it, so she didn’t have to worry about consciously or unconsciously choosing to give it to the readers who were more likely to give it high scores.

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