Introducing The Portal

There’s an awful lot of book reviewing that happens online these days, and an awful lot of short fiction magazines, but finding people to review short fiction is surprisingly difficult. It is therefore good to know that someone else is about to take on that task.

The someones in question are Val Grimm and Elizabeth Allen, both former staffers at The Fix. Their site is called The Portal, and it is scheduled for launch at World Fantasy in October. That’s quite a way away, but one of the reasons for the delay is that they are recruiting staff. You see, they don’t just want to cover the UK/US market, they want to report from all around the world. Some people I know well — Fábio Fernandes and Johan Anglemark — are already involved, but more are still needed. If you are interested in helping out, no matter where in the world you are, send an inquiry email and writing sample to thesffportal at gmail dot com. They will be delighted to hear from you.

See also comment from Fábio here.