Catch-Up Linkage

Because I have been busy for the past three days…

– One of the reasons I love cosmology is the timescales over which things happen. This story, about a star eating a planet, explains that the poor planet may only have 10 millions years left to live.

– Over at Deep Sea News Dr. M discusses what the effects of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico might be.

– Oliver Morton has a round-up of interesting discussion about the “artificial life” story, including Ken MacLeod’s article for The Guardian.

– Rose Fox has a fun new book out.

– That “gay couple” prosecuted in Malawi? Apparently not a gay couple at all. Natacha Kennedy explains.

– There will be a Tolkien Art Exhibition in Gloucestershire in August.

– Tero explains why Åcon is so much fun (hint: chocolate!)

– There’s a new issue of Yipe! out.

2 thoughts on “Catch-Up Linkage

  1. Interesting star-eating-planet stuff, thanks.

    Also, this is the first (though I’m a bit behind in blog-reading) I’ve heard about the T and/or I aspect to the Malawi thing. Thanks for the link.

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