I Have No Phone And I Must Tweet

Well that was a bit scary.

I had been having a fairly slow day at the Bristol Comic Expo. All had been going pretty much according to plan up until around 4:00pm when I came back to the Mercure to relieve Andy Bigwood at the BristolCon table. I tweeted from the hotel lobby (having seen Darth Vader posing for photos with a hen party group on my way in), but when I got upstairs to the table the phone was dead. My initial suspicion was power, so I got out the charger, and the external battery pack. Neither worked. The phone would not respond. As you can imagine, I was not happy.

Fortunately the story has a happy ending. Once I was back home I was able to consult Apple’s online troubleshooting guide and get the phone working again. I now how to do an emergency reboot for the little device. I won’t forget that in a hurry. And I have a working iPhone again.

This did, however, bring home to be just how dependent I have become on that little device. Without the iPhone I could not tweet, I could not check email, I could not browse the Internet, I could not check train times, I could not make phone calls, I could not check my diary. I was starting to think seriously about needed to have a backup iPhone just in case the one I was using died. Of course that would be rather expensive, but maybe there is a business opportunity for someone here.