Not Dead, Maybe Robotic

I’ve been quiet today because I have been busy with the Day Jobbe and with other blogs. I’m sure you don’t really need me to blog every day, but I still feel guilty. What I need is a robot avatar to blog on my behalf while I can’t be here.

Think I’m daft? Well take a look at this. A Silicon Valley company called Anybots is marketing a line of “telepresence robots” than can attend meetings on your behalf when you can’t get there. How is that different from videoconferencing? Well the QB, as it is called, can move around, so that you can point its high-quality video camera anywhere in the meeting and see who is paying attention and who is asleep. Also it is armed with a laser pointer, just in case you think someone’s PowerPoint presentation needs exterminating. I’ll bet Davros used that line on early investors as well.