2 thoughts on “The Moon Nazis Are Coming!

  1. Humm .. well, maybe … but I’d rather spend my money on ….

    ” Is William Gibson’s Neuromancer too vast for the big screen?Vincenzo Natali thinks not – and the director who gave us the cult sci-fi brainteaser Cube is determined to prove it ” ….


    But the Fins are certainly …. Different ?

    My little brothers former employers, a Huge Timber Importing Firm, once sent him to tour the Vast and Gloomy Woods of Finland guided by a Gloomy Fin.

    Little Brother told me that, after treading through the Dark and Gloomy X File-ish Finnish Woods for a while he had cheerily Remarked to the Native Guide ….

    ” I expect that you have really Interesting Wildlife hiding in these Dark and Gloomy Woods ?

    After a, Broodingly Gloomy, While the Native Guide SPOKE, saying ” No, We have not “.

    Little brother, not knowing when to be quiet, Spoke again Saying ‘ Really ? Why is That ? ”

    And the Native Guide Replied ..

    ” Because We Have Shot it All ”

    Note this item that I came upon some time ago ..

    ” Nicknamed ‘The White Death’

    705 confirmed kills (505 with rifle, 200 with submachine gun)

    Was a Finnish soldier who, using an iron sighted bolt action rifle, amassed the highest recorded confirmed kills as a sniper in any war…ever!!
    Häyhä was born in the municipality of Rautjärvi near the present-day border of Finland and Russia, and started his military service in 1925. His duties as a sniper began during the ‘winter war’ (1939-1940) between Russia and Finland. During the conflict Häyhä endured freezing temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius. In less than 100 days he was credited with 505 confirmed kills, 542 if including unconfirmed kills, however the unofficial frontline figures from the battlefield places the number of sniper kills at over 800. Besides his sniper kills he was also credited with 200 from a Suomi KP/31 Submachine gun, topping off his total confirmed kills at 705.
    How Häyhä did all this was amazing. He was basically on his own all day, in the snow, shooting Russians, for 3 months straight. Of course when the Russians caught wind that a **** load of soldiers were being killed, they thought ‘well this is war, there’s bound to be casualties’. But when the generals were told that it was one man with a rifle they decided to take a bit of action. first they sent in a counter-sniper. When his body was returned they decided to send in a team of counter-snipers. When they didn’t come back at all they sent in a whole goddamn battalion. They took casualties and couldn’t find him. Eventually they ordered an artillery strike, but to no avail. You see Häyhä was clever, and this was his neck of the woods. He dressed completely in white camouflage. He used a smaller rifle to suit his smaller frame (being 5ft3) increasing his accuracy. he used an iron sight to present the smallest possible target (a scoped sight would require the sniper to raise his head for sighting). He compacted the snow in front of the barrel, so as not to disturb it when he shot thus revealing his position. He also kept snow in his mouth so his breath did not condense and reveal where his was. Eventually however his was shot in the jaw by a stray bullet during combat on March 6 1940. He was picked up by his own soldiers who said half his head was missing. He didn’t die however and regained consciousness on the 13th, the day peace was declared. ”


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