More Bits and Pieces

Here are a few more things that may be of interest:

– First and foremost, the Hugo Voter Packet has been released. For a mere £25 (currently rather better value that the US$50 price, though it may not be after the election) you can get a massive collection of ebook goodness, including all six nominees for Best Novel. Bargain.

– Talking of Worldcon news, Reno is going to hold a film festival. That’s excellent news as it shows they are working hard on attracting a new and diverse membership.

– On to some archaeology, and it appears that the Maya were pretty clever at urban plumbing.

– Back in Melbourne, scientists claim to have proved that Phar Lap died of arsenic poisoning. Of course this doesn’t prove murder, so they have not yet declared war on the USA…

– And finally, another plug for James Maliszewski’s excellent Grognardia blog. Although it is ostensibly about role-playing, it has many posts about pulp fiction. Here’s James talking about Lovecraft and Conan. His latest post is about the history of role-playing and its connections to the SCA and science fiction fandom. My knowledge is a bit fuzzy, but if one of you would like to point Lee Gold, Diana Paxson etc. at him I’m sure he’d be very grateful.

2 thoughts on “More Bits and Pieces

  1. Yes, I saw that Reno was holding a film festival. Great news! Happy!

  2. This is a great deal, at any of those rates…although I was a bit spoiled in 2008 by the free (IIRC) Scalzi-facilitated packet.

    In addition to a low GBP price, the NZD and AUD prices seem high. (I know, currency rates fluctuate, etc., but I wonder if there’s more to the rates.)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to buying the Hugo Voter Packet.

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