Link Catch-Up

Goodness knows how relevant these are now, but here we go:

– The UK does have loony right-wing militias;

– And real Fascists as well;

– My thanks to Arizona for giving all Americans a taste of how visitors to their country are treated;

– But at least Peter Watts has avoided any jail time;

– Of course I’m all in favor of boycotting the Diamondbacks, especially if that means that the Giants get to win all those games;

– Meanwhile Second Life appears to have opted for Socialism, allegedly confiscating lots of private property;

– I confess that when I heard that Amtrak was testing a beef-powered train I assumed it was drawn by oxen;

– Eugene Byrne asks people to hang out in a graveyard this weekend;

– Marjorie blogs last weekend’s Ninja gig in Camden;

– Mary Robinette Kowal builds an Elvis Garden Gnome;

And there may be more to come, but how can I possibly follow that?