Alright on the (BASFA) Night

As some of you will know, the Bay Area Science Fiction Association does not just approve minutes of previous meetings, it has to approve them as something. So minutes might be approved as “amusing”, or “full of typos”, or “too long for Barbara to read”, or whatever other silly idea catches the members’ imagination. Well this evening we approved the minutes of last week’s meeting as “alright”. Several hamsters suffered as a result.

OK, I admit it, it was my fault. The members, bless them, mostly seemed to think that it was a funny idea. However, it was pointed out to me that it wasn’t really fair to make jokes at the expense of poor Mr. Scalzi when he could not respond. And seeing as how John was kind enough to offer me space in his blog, I have reciprocated by buying him a membership in BASFA. Now he can get his own back on me.

Before anyone else points it out, membership of BASFA is only $5 for life and beyond, so yes, I am cheap. But it is the thought that counts, right?

Also our glorious President, Trey Haddad, has reminded me that it is a club rule that persons may not be pressed into membership. John therefore has the right to decline to join. I shall be contacting him by email to confirm with him one way or the other, and also to determine the date of his birthday so that we can sell him into slavery auction him as our perverse custom dictates.

Some of you may be thinking that it is a rather long way from Ohio to the Bay Area, and that therefore John might not be able to attend any meetings. However, you never know when he might be around. Doubtless he is always welcome at BayCon. And failing all else we can come to him. Another of our perverse traditions is that we always hold a public meeting at Worldcon, and somehow I think John will be in Denver this year. If he (or anyone else) fancies attending I should remind you of the terms of the Numismatic Responsibility Act (detailed here, scroll down). Hopefully hilarity will ensue.