Continued Use of Foul Language

So, I am back from Eastercon, and trying to sort out my computer problems. The netbook screen worked again briefly yesterday, but has now gone back to trying to emulate a Damien Hirst spin painting. I have successfully extracted the hard drive, which is fine. Most of the data is easily recoverable. I have it attached to my laptop now. However, the data files for my email are on a part of the disc that Windows 7, in its wisdom, has password protected. Of course I know the password, but I haven’t got a clue how to access it. A little web research will now follow, but if that doesn’t work the email will have to wait until I get back to Somerset tomorrow and can attach an external screen to the netbook.


One thought on “Continued Use of Foul Language

  1. Once Upon A Time, in the Beginning Time, When Giant Kangaroos – and also Terry Pratchett – did Rule the Literary Earth .. Still do in the case of T.P. .. it was Customary to Explain such Technological Failures in terms of the Metaphor of Martin Hoare – in as much as when Martin did Stand up to Explain this New Fangled Thing the ” INTERNET ” the said Internet would Inevitably Break Down as Hotel functionaries .. who had Sworn that their Telecoms would Work ..and Rare and Hard to come upon Tech Crew Members and their Noble Techy Manager .. did tear about and examine Stuff and Kick it in Time Honored fashion and then Martin would Explain .. to the Suggestion of, say, Me that .. ‘Make IT work Martin or so HGelp Me I WILL tear your Head Off and Stuff it up Regions Measureless to MAN !! ‘And Thus Martin would Declare that, LO !!! It would work one of these Days and when it Did it WOULD look like this Mock Up that he had done a Blue Peter OF .. See!!

    I appreciate that you are a NEW Woman, Cheryl, but these Ancient Fannish Traditions ARE Worthy of Preservation and so I do ‘umbly suggest that you Blame Martin….. Why Not?

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