Diversity Linkage

We are off around the world.

– Justine Larbalestier has guest post by a writer who is an Australian Aboriginal.

– Joe Gordon notes that the fabulous comic creator, Asia Alfasi, along with the equally talented Daryl Cunningham, is being interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland.

– World SF News interviews Brazilian writer, Jacques Barcia.

– And Fábio Fernandes talks about portrayals of Brazil in science fiction.

The Guardian has news of an interesting Japanese take on contemporary politics.

The manga stars former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, may his mane ever ripple. Portrayed by author Hideki Owada as Japan’s last action hero, Koizumi settles matters of international diplomacy with slavering, corrupt world leaders from Kim Jong-Il to “Papa Bush” over histrionic, blood-spattered sessions of the ancient game of mahjong…

– Finally back to Australia with the good news that a Malaysian trans woman has been granted political asylum because of the persecution she faced back home. (By the way, if any Australian readers know Jenni Millbank, tell her to talk to the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco, who do a lot of good work in this sort of area.)

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  1. Neil in Chicago says:

    If you don’t regularly get Asimov’s, you want to find the new issue for Spinrad’s essay on “Third World” sf.
    (Getting under way, there’s a lot of putting dubious but short usages in quotes, and of saying “that’s quite a conversation/minefield, but it’s not what I’m about right here”.)

  2. Thanks for linking the interview, Cheryl. Hope you liked it.

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