Two Narrow Wins

Italy and Scotland fought out a close match in Rome. It wasn’t great rugby, but the two sides were fairly evenly matched. Italy came out ahead by 16-12, primarily because they were able to score a try while Scotland, despite threatening a lot, didn’t manage to do so.

England were a lot better against Ireland than they were in Italy, but still failed to sparkle, or win. The match statistics tell a fascinating story. England dominated possession, especially in the second half when they had twice as much ball as the Irish. Ireland made 99 tackles during the game, and missed only one. England only made 30 tackles, but missed seven. The Irish wings scored three tries – two for Tommy Bowe and one for Keith Earls. England scored only one try, and that by a prop forward from close range. So yes, Ireland sat back and defended for most of the the game, but they did so very well, and when they did get a chance they were ruthless. And that’s why they ended up winners by 20-16.

One thought on “Two Narrow Wins

  1. I enjoyed this game a lot, was at Piccocon, and the was a great atmosphere in the bar.

    Ireland were lucky, but felt that Wilkinson didn’t have the support he needs. England need to work on what they do when they have the ball, and follow through on their moves. Everyone knocks him, but they would have been in real trouble without him.

    Sexton is something else, a great under study to OGara, and seemed very assured of himself, I was impressed with our defence, but we need to get and keep possession for longer. Also pleased that we took those chances and that we came back, used to be if we were behind in the last quarter, we were stuffed. Not any more.

    I don’t rate Martin Johnson, and dislike him anyhow, so wasn’t impressed that he was questioning the Care/O’Leary incident.

    Did a long write up for challenger.


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