A Gaiman Scoop

I have just done a post for the SFX Awards over on SFAW. What I didn’t put in there was the other snippet of news that Dave & Barry of Geek Syndicate tweeted during the ceremony. According to them, Neil Gaiman has written an episode of Doctor Who, which will air in 14 months time. Neil came on Twitter shortly afterwards and said that he had given the SFX guys “a scoop”, which I think we can take as a confirmation. You may squee now.

5 thoughts on “A Gaiman Scoop

  1. Major Doctor Who/Neil Gaiman squee here. 🙂
    It will be awesome. 14 Months. *whimper*
    PS And yes, I remember his Babylon 5 episode which was also excellent. The man knows how to write SF shows very well.

  2. SQUEE! 😀 And I’m not the squeeing type. (And I don’t really watch Doctor Who.) Still…squee!

  3. Sadly, I’d given up on B5 by the end of the disasterous fourth season. Maybe I’ll catch Neil’s episode when FX reruns it in a month or so.

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