A Story for Haiti

My pals Kay and Bart at the Crossed Genres web zine have come up with an interesting way to help raise money for the Haiti earthquake relief effort. They are looking for creative people to post short stories for free, and are asking the rest of us to “pay” for that work by making donations to charities working in Haiti. If you have work you would like to offer, please register it here.

Note that you are not being asked to provide material for the Crossed Genres web site — you post your own work on your own site (or anywhere else) and put a link to it on Crossed Genres. It doesn’t have to be new either. Just provide a link to something that you think will encourage others to donate money to Haiti.

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  2. Done.

    I posted “Down the Path of the Sun,” the first story I wrote as an adult–all about life in the aftermath of disaster.

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  4. Lee says:

    I suppose I’ll add a link, but I doubt my contribution will be particularly helpful. I’m rather a ‘no-name brand’!

  5. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    I posted as well–thanks for making me aware of this.

  6. Andy Duncan says:

    I posted a link to “Zora and the Zombie,” my story set in 1930s Haiti. Thanks, Cheryl, for spreading the word about this.

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